Why is the self-righteous set so persistently dishonest about trans access?

By David Cary Hart

It’s Claire Cretin, uh, Claire Chretien again (I know, mine is a sophomoric display of opprobrium). At the ultra-orthodox Catholic LifeSiteNews Chretien asks the rhetorical question (and answer): “Should men go in the girls’ restroom? This mom says no way.”

That is a compound lie. This is about school access. Chretien’s intent is to suggest that adult men will be using girls’ facilities. The second part of the lie is that this isn’t about men or boys. This is about whether transgender girls should have access to the girls’ restroom. The third part of the lie deals with scale. This isn’t about innumerable people but about accommodating one or two kids who are vulnerable, fragile and already stressed to the limit.

As an aside I am not nearly as brave as any of these children must be given what they have to endure. I was a closeted gay kid pretending to be straight and they do not have that luxury. Ms. Chretien drank the Church’s Kool-Aid so she thinks that this is some kind of choice on their part.

Grass Lake Public Schools is considering allowing elementary school students to use the bathrooms designated for the opposite sex.

That is the fourth lie. They are considering whether transgender students should be able to use gender-appropriate facilities.

“We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t all care deeply about children,” the mom acknowledged, saying she appreciated how parents at the debate said they’d go into “burning buildings” for each other’s kids. “But, just like in the classic book Animal Farm by George Orwell, where all animals are equal but some animals are more ‘equal’ than others, this rule is infringing on some students’ right[s] – the right to dignity, the right to bodily privacy.”

Mom doesn’t seem to care very much about the well-being of trans students. That presumes that she even acknowledges that they exist. She indulges in a novel presentation to claim that the trans kids have special rights.

She noted that genderless bathrooms will mean men of all ages can go in the girls’ restroom and vice versa.

That is the fifth lie and the sixth lie and the seventh lie. The bathrooms are not genderless and the age of use will depend on the age of students. Chretien is trying to give the impression that people (men) can choose which bathroom they will use at the spur of the moment. That simply is not the case.

“When grandparents come to concerts, when people from other school districts come to football games, we will not only have the mixing of sexes in the bathrooms, we will have mixing of ages in the bathrooms,” she warned. This will have “far-reaching consequences.”

I am not really counting mom’s lies but those are whoppers. How many trans people does she think there are? If she is not lying then she is staggeringly confused.

One of the district’s schools, George Long Elementary School, already lets a nine-year-old girl use the boys’ bathroom. The girl, who thinks she is a boy, wasn’t satisfied simply using a single stall, unisex bathroom.

He is a transgender boy. The intentional use of the wrong pronouns constitutes the eighth lie.

Allowing Neely’s daughter to use the boys’ restroom made her “became comfortable in who he was and started being able to stand up for himself,” she said, using masculine pronouns to describe her daughter.

Even with a template to work from, Chretien insists on using the wrong pronouns as a means of demonstrating disapproval. She is being intentionally uncivil and discourteous. The child is Mrs. Neely’s son or transgender son if she insists, not her daughter. These constitute the ninth lie and the tenth lie. What an imbecile.

What does "transphobia" mean to you?

Crosspost by David Cary Hart, a retired CEO and resident of South Beach @davidcaryhart.