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Trans Agenda 2.0?

For many years, the trans community has been fighting on numerous fronts.

On one front we were fighting TERFs as they worked with US Administrations to try to institutionalize a national program of reparative therapy for all trans folk, remove our access to health care and to legislate trans people out of existence. On another front, we were fighting powerful gay men who felt that trans folk were dragging the gay rights movement down so that the founder of HRC, Steven Endean, encouraged the movement to “hide the drag queens.” On other fronts, we were facing systemic institutionalized discrimination at every level of society. On yet other fronts, we were fighting to just stay alive. At every level and in every way possible, both our foes and those who were supposed to be our allies made existence harder. The system has been rigged to ensure that it continues to produce a trans community with the highest rate of murder, rape, assault, unemployment, HIV, homelessness, psychological pressure and, of course, suicide. This is what we’ve spent the last 40 years pushing against and now – finally – the trans community is at a tipping point.

1979: Phyllis Frye fighting to ensure that trans employment protections are not forgotten in the fight for equality.


Now, TERFs are confronted as bigots at every turn. Now, over the past 5 – 10 years, we’ve seen trans social services begin to pop up across the nation. Now, trans people are protected under Title VII, under HUD non-discrimination rules and we are able to acquire correct federal identification (thank you Obama!). Now it’s no longer acceptable for transphobic cisgender GLB people to be ripped from ENDA. Additionally, we’ve made great strides in reclaiming our own history. At every level, the trans community is making headway.

Welcome to the second wave of trans activism.

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  5. I used to be one of those bigoted lgb people, when I thought I was simply butch and gay. Now I find I am trans* … and more ace than gay. And gays (at least most of the ones I know) don’t want to hear if you don’t have an orientation, sounds worse than being straight or bi. So, being an asexual agender isn’t their cup of joe, and most of them blocked me on Facebook. Now the local PFLAG some of them belong to are helping me out through the online world. :)

  6. what can I do to help stop bigotry and prejudice in the world. I am getting tired of people thinking I am strange an weird. I think its the so called straight and hypocritical people who are the weird ones.

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