Daily Mail pulls story, Examiner prints retraction, Fox News keeps the lie going

On Sunday, October 13, 2013 the Daily Mail published a story titled, Girls ‘harassed’ in school bathroom by transgender student told his rights trump their privacy, but pulled the article after it became apparent that the story fabricated.

An early promoter of the lie was David McCaine at the Examiner:



On October 11, David ran with this story without fact checking. The TransAdvocate took him to task for his irresponsible behavior and I’ve just learned that David has done the right thing: he owned his mistake, printed a retraction and made an apology to the trans teen that was the target of this hate campaign:

I failed to fact check a source that picked up the story about a transgender male harassing females in a high school female restroom at Florence High School in Colorado. In doing so I became guilty of falsely accusing a transgender student in which I profusely apologize.

Through all of this painful experience, I pray the transgender student at Florence High School did not suffer any consequences or negative feedback from the poor information that came from any source including my article that was published

The Daily Mail – a British tabloid – did the right thing and removed the story.

David with the Examiner did the honorable thing and apologized to the transgender teen.

Guess what Fox News* is doing:

Fox News Headline, 10/15/2013

*TW: calls for the death and beating of trans teen in the Fox News comment section

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