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Fight back: Report Mississippi & North Carolina HATE here!

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By Autumn Sandeen & Cristan Williams Anti-trans activists in both Mississippi and North Carolina have passed laws that effectively remove trans people from public life. Making it legal on a state level to discriminate against trans people in employment, housing, goods, and services while making it illegal for trans people to use public hygiene facilities that correspond…

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EEOC Commissioner: “Contrary state or local laws provide no defense to an employer that violates Title VII”

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Recently in BuzzFeed in the article Feds “Ready” For Transgender Discrimination Complaints In North Carolina, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Commissioner Chai Feldblum was quoted as saying: I want workers to know that even though there isn’t yet a federal Equality Act protecting them, even though there is not a state law protecting them, and…

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Washington’s Just Want Privacy’s Talking Points For Their Antitrans Initiative

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Do you want to know what Just Want Privacy‘s talking points are? The talking points that the organization gives out to their spokespeople who support of their “repeal the rule” initiative on transgender public accommodations? The things they tell them not to say? Just Want Privacy is the group who wants to repeal the public…

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Transgender Day of Visibility: Summer- I Am A Girl (Lyric Video)

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For the The Transgender Day Of Visibility. This lyric video explores the performative nature of gender, the difficulties of navigating the legal system and finding a place where transgender people are protected as citizens against prejudice, discrimination and hate-motivated violence. By including transgender people who are of different races, ages, faiths, and stages in their…

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The 2008 Gainesville Bathroom Bill TV Spot Revisited

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Their Supposed 2 + 2 Didn’t Equal Their What They Said Would Be The Outcome Of 4 Just this last year in Houston, the Campaign For Houston created what turned out to be an effective, creepy ad that more that implied that if one gave civil rights based on gender identity to Houstonians, then men…

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Anti-Trans GoFundMe Campaign Includes PJI – An SPLC Identified Anti-LGBT Hate Group

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The Privacy For All (PFA) coalition that includes the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) — a Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identified active Anti-LGBT hate group — is raising funds on their website for the Limits On Use Of Facilities In Government Buildings And Businesses Initiative Statute (which they’re referring to as the “Personal Privacy Protection…

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