TransGiving 1: The Trans Center and Archive

December 6, 2013 ·

[alert type=”notice”]This is the first in a series on backing your community. During the month of December, the TransAdvocate will feature 12 AMAZING trans nonprofits/causes that deserve your support.[/alert]

The Trans Center in Houston, Texas is unlike anything else you are likely to see. More than a simple meeting hall or social service agency, it is all that and more.

The center and its programs are run by the trans community itself. That means that the social services (therapy, homeless services, HIV services, case management) is a creation of the trans community for the trans community. It’s where our homeless brothers and sisters go to take care of hygiene needs, get a full belly and new clothes while getting help to get off the street. In addition to trans services and, of course, numerous support meetings, the Center also houses the Trans Archives. While trans history is displayed throughout the entire center, the Center’s beating heart is the archive room:

Researchers from across the country travel to the Trans Archive. This is were the much older history of transgender and cisgender was discovered. The archive features both recent and ancient trans history. Without special arrangements, the trans community can walk in and read trans materials published in the 1700s, see both ancient and recent trans art and directly connect with and explore trans history from across the globe in way that’s not available anyplace else.

During the holiday season, show some love and subscribe to the Trans Center!

Yes, The Trans Center is a 501c3 nonprofit 🙂

Please join me in being a monthly subscriber through a PayPal subscription:

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Most recently, the Center acted as the collection point for supportive mail for Jane Doe. The Center vetted each letter to ensure that further abuse, hate and/or death threats would not reach her.

Trans Center:
604 Pacific, Houston, Texas 77006


The TransAdvocate is beginning a new holiday tradition. We’re calling it the “12 Days of #TransGiving.” This December series will feature awesome trans nonprofits and causes worthy of your support. Most trans causes and/or nonprofits really struggle. We want to highlight worthy causes and foster a culture of investing in our community. We encourage you to spread the word about #TransGiving and support the awesome causes profiled in this series!

PS: If, for any reason you need to cancel your support of the Trans Center, you can unsubscribe via this link.

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