Further Trans-Marginalization on the Move in Delaware

From the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool:

Yesterday, at a press conference on the steps of Legislative Hall in Dover, primary sponsors Senator David Sokola and Representative Melanie George introduced a comprehensive civil unions bill to great fanfare. Speaking impassionedly, they explained that now is the time for state law to catch up with the reality of people’s daily lives.

The bill, SB 30, would provide all of the rights, benefits, and obligations of marriage to same-sex couples, but would not allow same-sex couples to obtain a marriage license.  Civil unions, though short of full marriage, would ensure that same-sex couples in Delaware have the ability to make medical decisions for one another, jointly adopt their children, make end of life decisions, and inherit property, among so many other vital rights.  Currently, the bill has 29 co-sponsors between the Senate and House, out of a 62 member joint legislature.

HRC is proud to be working with Equality Delaware to bring the civil unions bill to this point and will work tirelessly to see it signed into law.

Because if its HRC, its working tirelessly on the wants of yet another state full of gays and lesbians who have ensured that their wants take priority over the needs of trans people.

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