Freaks and Perverts

As a follow-up to the previous post, from Yahoo News: ‘X’ now a gender option in Australian passports – Yahoo! News

The comments (nearly all from US readers) are instructive. Here’s some of the more popular ones, those “upvoted”.

And the world draws closer to the end of times.

Why is it the world bends over backwards for these broken people? Let them adjust to the mainstream. A tiny percentage of confused nutters shouldn’t get to modify any aspects of society.

Male or female, that’s it! Don’t confuse yourself with another!

Oh this is just ridiculous!!!!!! What really surprises me though is that America with all it’s Gay lovers didn’t do this first.

God that just makes me sick. A very small amount of people in the world are actually born with this problem then there’s way more people who just THINK they’re not the right gender. Well guess what, if you were born a girl or a guy THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE stop trying to change yourself. Leave the doctors open to the people who actually need the help.

I do love how people try to explain trannies away using “psychology” as a crutch when genetic science already has a way to determine your gender. Sewing on or inverting an appendage makes you another gender as much as stitching in whiskers and sewing on a tail makes you feline. Or if you’d prefer I use a psychological backdrop… Believing you are another gender does not make you that gender anymore than believing you are Napoleon makes you a late 18th century French military strategist emperor. If psychologists played into any other delusion as much as they did with “gender identity” they’d rightfully lose their license to practice.

“Intersex people, who are biologically not entirely male or female, will be able to list their gender on passports as “X.”” DNA can’t be changed. It also identifies the sex of the individual.

You geneticly inferior filth.

Male, Female, Sodomist, this covers everybody

They should only have three options on any passport in the world: “Male” for human beings born male and currently male, “Female” for human beings born female and currently female, and “Freak” as a catch-all for pretty much everyone else who does not fall into the first two categories. This approach has the value of being the most accurate representation possible.

Well there goes Australia!! Stupid fu—ing libs another gov’t. of disgusting minds!!

Every cell in you body has DNA which dictates whether you are male or female. External appearance or mood or DENIAL does not. You can complain about how you are a “Woman in a man’s body”, and even mutilate yourself with surgery and get implants and pump yourself up with hormones, for what? To look like some sad caricature abomination of a woman. Don’t expect people to respect you as something that you can never be. It is like a white person who DEMANDS to be recognized as black, even to the point that they get nose surgery and wear black face all day. Should they be recognized as being a respectable black person, or some joke of a freak in denial?

God says homosexuals are sinning and homosexuals say they are not ….think I’ll side with God and this one. That would be the God of Love , not their god of lust

toleranceis not a virtue, it is a cowardly vice , no one has to tolerate this homosexual maggot infested garbage

Why does the world continue to conform to the freaks and not the other way around

Now they can travel to Gaysrael without any problem

Come Jesus Come quickly, Soddom and Gomorrah all over again. And what followed….read about it in the Holy Bible.

The government down under is F()KING nuts. Why not an A for asexual people that have sex with them selfs and reproduce that way too.OH OH OH and and why not an N for nosesexual people that stick their fingers up there noses for sex and reproduction. LOL Geee

The world is coming to an end that is what’s happening. For people to say things like this does not bother them or will not affect them is living in great deceit. You will see… inthe end how it will affect you. The world system is crumbling and Jesus is waiting for that trumpet to sound before he ride up in here and take us believers home and leave all the the people who chose to do their own agenda and own will in life. Then you will see how it will affect you!!! I thank God I will not be here to see it. I will always be repentant and live according to God’s way not man sinful ways. By the way we (belivers) do have a right to judge according to God’s Word not our own.

They’ve gone too far. If you want to be a freak, don’t broadcast it to the rest of the world and expect us to accept it. These PC idiots are crying for “trans-species” rights now. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t feel like you are the gender or species you were born as –you’re delusional and suffering from a mental disorder.

We wouldnt want to anger the freaks. They might genetically alter a hissy fit and call it a natural state of being!

there shouldnt be any thing on the passport other than ,,, m,,, or ,,, f,,,, all homosexuals, trannys, cross dressers, pedophiles, homosexual pedophiles, beast lovers, dead body part lovers, and sexual freaks should be branded on their foreheads with a big x

Transgender freaks should be shunned by society.

gays are defects in biology evil to god there is no other gender period aussies tend to be loons

JEWS and ZIONISM will destroy all cultures. We need the great father once again to take care of those SOBs

homosexual are the ignorant hating bigots they are complaing about, they cant stand themselves, live in shame and are the morally disgusting freaks that want to destroy your children by infecting them with perverted propaganda , protect your children at all cost

A bunch of jewish professors who are bent on destroying western culture convinced a bunch of high school drop outs that “it’s the right thing to do”.

I bet JEWS pushed the issue, since their goal is to destroy western civilization. Read the zionist manifesto.

tolerance, political correctness and sensitivity are not virtues they are cowardly vices,,, stand up for who you are and what you believe, being tolerant does not mean respecting rights, they are not the same thing, condemning people who accept and exercise homosexual behavior is an act of justice and morally mandatory ,,, flush the gay bowel movement down the toilet were it belongs

In the animal kingdom and the universe, there are only 2 sexes. Those liberal left wing influenced by the Jews just invented a third sex which does not exist.

Sorry. Their are only two genders, male and female. Period. No debate. Deal with it.

Stop trying to rationalize your perversion of nature by pretending it is ‘normal’. You are freaks. The only ones that don’t think so are other freaks.

Sorry. Their are only two genders, male and female. Period. No debate. Deal with it.

This is what happens when Jewish Harvard school influence the academics of another country. The world should boycott any liberal freakish jewish made unnatural notions of sexes

it should be , m = normal male , f = normal female, hmp = homosexual male pervert, hfp = homosexual female pervert, txp = transsexual pervert, cxp = confused sexual pervert cdf = cross dressing freak or just an x, x= sick freaks,,, , it is not normal to lick toilets or put something in your mouth…

God created man and woman…not deformed freaks of nature

Deviates will not inherit the Kingdom of God!

This is ridiculous!. Western societies are replacing common sense with politcal correctness. You’re just man (XY) or woman (XX). Period.

I have to remind myself that this is the country that put a human on the moon.

Meanwhile, what the policy actually means… with grateful thanks to Kathy Noble for passing this on.

If you quote this information on your website, could you please attribute it to a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

“This  new policy  makes it easier for members of the sex and gender diverse community to obtain a passport in their preferred gender.  Sex reassignment surgery is no longer a prerequisite to the issue of a passport in a new gender.

The passport will show the person as either female (f)  male (m)  or intersex, indeterminate, unspecified (x) to reflect their preferred gender identity.

Applicants will have to provide a statement from a medical practitioner registered with the Medical Board of Australia, or equivalent overseas authority, certifying that they have undergone, or are receiving, appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition; that they are intersex and live in a particular gender; or are of indeterminate sex.

The policy also applies to intersex applicants who do not accept the sex assigned to them at birth and who live in a different gender, as well as those who wish to have ‘x’ appear in their passport to identify their sex as indeterminate.

Applicants must meet all other normal passport requirements, such as providing proof of identity documents to support their identity in the wider community.

The policy removes unnecessary obstacles to recording a person’s preferred gender in their passport.  It has been developed in close consultation with the sex and gender diverse community.

This initiative is in line with the Australian Government’s commitment to remove discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or sexual identity. ”

This information will soon be available on the passports website.  They are just in the process of updating the information.

Kind regards,
Dana Robertson
Media Liaison Officer
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
tel: + 61 2 6261 1555
fax: +61 2 6261 1325

I need such a refreshing dose of sanity after writing the first part of this post. The Hatred is just so unremitting, and from so very many people, a distinct majority of the commenters. And of course, the perpetual canary in the coalmine, Anti-Semitism is there.

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