A Shezow Game: Spot the TERF!

By Cristan Williams


Horror of horrors: there’s a cartoon wherein a boy puts on a ring that dresses him up like a female superhero. You just know that’s going to bring out the RadRight/TERF fringe to proclaim that this show signals…


Here’s some of the reactions. I’ve taken these comments from a well-known RadRight blog and a well-known TERF blog.

Which comment came from which? Can you guess correctly?

(answers at the end)

  1. Oh, that’s just so terrific. Maybe they can get our kids to want to mutilate their bodies and have a sex change operation by the age of 6.
  2. Cartoon Porn
  3. yuck
  4. Propaganda and indoctrination all in one horrific package. No thanks.
  5. Trying to indoctrinate children at a younger and younger age.
  6. My kids won’t be watching it. The Hub has now joined Disney Channel and Nickelodeon in the ban on certain unhealthy kid tv in my house.
  7. But the last thing we need is more boys getting the notion from the media that they are the wrong sex and that they can be “magically” turned into the opposite one, and that then they get to be girl super-heros.
  8. Yet another reason why I cut the cable and have strict controls over what my kids watch on TV.
  9. I’ll add that this whole business of preparing children for transitioning when they come of age, reminds me most unpleasantly of how children are groomed for prostitution.
  10. How many trannies are there out there? Is it even .05% of the population? This is just some trannie wanting to promote trannies

Need a clue?

Five of the comments come from the RadFem site. Did you spot them all?

Scroll down for the answers…


  1. RadRight
  2. RadRight
  3. TERF
  4. RadRight
  5. TERF
  6. TERF
  7. TERF
  8. RadRight
  9. TERF
  10. RadRight

How many did you get right?

The back story:

Media is pushing the story that a new and/or the first transgender/transsexual/crossdressing (they can’t decide how they want to spin it) kids cartoon hero is coming to televisions soon. The truth is that this show isn’t new (it’s been on TV for more than a year already) and it’s certainly not the first cartoon to crossdress (I won’t list the many, many characters here).

While the show certainly has some problems when it comes to mocking that which isn’t masculine, I wanted to see how the fringe was spinning the story and I wasn’t disappointed. Apparently this is all part of The Big Conspiracy (liberal, trans, patriarchy, godless, homosexual – take your pick) to screw with kids and make them do things on behalf of the conspiracy later in life.

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