Where Did I Leave My Crow Bar?

The Journal of Lesbian Studies is calling for submissions to the upcoming “Lesbians and Body Image” issue. One of the questions really caught my eye:

crowbar.jpg” What differentiates body image situations where it is seen as desirable to change your attitude (i.e., “accept your body”) vs. where it is seen as desirable to change your body (i.e., transsexual surgery)? What determines whether someone identifies as a butch lesbian or a FTM transsexual?”

Is it possible to ever “accept your body?” There’s a huge difference between wanting to “shed a few pounds” and abhorring your body configuration. Body image is different than gender identity. Body image is how I feel and see myself in my own skin. Gender identity is how the world perceives me. These two things can overlap, but they are distinctly different.

If you’re going to ask if a lesbian could just “accept their body,” then you must ask “could lesbians just accept their heterosexuality”?

I was going to write a long explanation about the difference in sexual orientation, gender identity, but I’d rather ask a question.

What are the differences between:


“nelly queen”



“diesel dyke”




(this post was inspired by Angry Brown Butch)

(H/T) Plain(s) Feminist