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Forty-Four Years Since Going Full Time and Forty-One Years Since SRS

in Suzan Cooke

The seasons turn and summer begins. Yesterday a manager at the local Tom Thumb Market became the first this year to ask me the standard Texas summer rhetorical question, “Hot enough for ya’ yet?” When the thermometer creeps up to the century mark and the trees are the lushest deep green of the year I…

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Gender Orientation, Identity, and Expression

in Cristan Williams/Featured/Opinion

I’ve witnessed many arguments and misunderstandings explode over the conflation of these THREE dimensions of what we in trans discourse collectively refer to as gender: Gender Orientation: One’s subjective experience of one’s body, including its sexed attributes. Gender Identity: Identity labels used when socially constructing sexed personas within the context of social groupings. Gender Expression: One’s situational expression of cultural cues which…

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Enough of ‘softie’ bashing

in Featured/Guest Transadvocate

Today’s guest post is from Marina Mahathir. Mahathir describes herself as  “a newspaper columnist, blogger, occasional TV and film producer, activist and general nuisance. She feels most comfortable amongst colourful characters and despite a great fondness for clothes and shoes, can’t abide cocktail parties for the smart set. Most people know her by her constant…

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God and Transsexuals

in video

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Filmmaker Kevin Smith Loves Brazilian Transsexuals!

in Featured

At least that’s the comment he made on Twitter: Are you Brazillian (sp)? I’m only into Brazillian (sp) Trannies. Pre-op. As I’ve stated before, I think celebrities that make these kind of jokes will reap what they sow in comments around the internet. Celebrity sites will report what the star joked about in jest as…

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Conan O’brien Mocks Transsexuals For Easy Laughs

in Featured/Opinion

As if transsexuals needed any help being stigmatized, Conan O’Brien did his part  to further negative stereotypes with a comedy sketch portraying transsexauls as mustached strippers. To make matters worse  the liberal leaning website, Huffington Post, promoted the video on its site.  Just another example of how transphobia isn’t a left/right thing.

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