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Trans Community Comes to the Aid of Furloughed Federal Workers

in Cristan Williams/News

The Transgender Foundation of America (TFA) announced that the Transgender Disaster Relief Fund (TDRFund.us) would accept applications for assistance from LGBTQI and allied federal workers whose lives were thrown into chaos due to the Trump Government Shutdown. Alexis Melvin, President of TFA said, “Many LGBTQI individuals and our allies are affected by the partial government…

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How Russian authorities will now process trans people

in Health/Politics

New procedures in Russia approved: activists say it could be worse, leaves intersex people with few options On 19 January 2018, Russian authorities approved a controversial Decree, defining the procedure of legal gender recognition (LGR). The possibility to change one’s gender marker existed in Russian legislation since 1997. Federal law N143 “On the acts of…

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Houston GLBT Political Caucus throws trans people under the bus

in Cristan Williams/Politics

Unfortunately, it appears that the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, like HRC before them, is throwing the transgender community under the bus. Members of the Caucus Board encouraged candidates in the current election to support and seek the endorsement of the anti-transgender group, the Baptist Ministers of Houston Area and Vicinity (there are several variations of…

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Q&A: Taking a break from trans advocacy

in Cristan Williams/Opinion/Pop

The TransAdvocate Q & A is where we answer your questions. If you’d like to submit a question, go to our contact page and send it in. Today’s question is: Is it responsible or okay that I’m taking a hiatus from trans advocacy? Answering today’s question is Cristan Williams and she writes: My short and…

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No, really. THEY are the problem.

in Cristan Williams/Podcast/Politics

Today we have as a guest podcaster, Ali Lozano, Outreach Director for Laura Moser running for Congress in the 7th district! Subscribe to the TransAdvocate Podcasts and Audio Essays here: On the Pod: Cristan Williams, Alexis Melvin, and guest host Ali Lozano. Ali Lozano is a community activist with a strong passion for civic engagement. Since moving…

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Dylan Forbis: Out Trans Man Running for Texas House!

in Cristan Williams/Podcast/Politics

We’ve seen out trans people running and winning elections throughout the nation recently and today the TransAdvocate welcomes our guest host Dylan Forbis, an out trans man running for a seat in the Texas House! Subscribe to the TransAdvocate Podcasts and Audio Essays here: On the Pod: Cristan Williams, Alexis Melvin, and guest host Dylan Forbis. Narration…

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