Makeup Is A Tool Of The Devil

makeup.jpg“‘It is important for transsexuals to look beautiful as they consider themselves female,’ said Sulastri Ariffin, co-ordinator of the transsexual programme at PT Foundation, an organisation that provides support, education and counselling to transsexuals, drug users and sex workers. She said transsexuals would go straight for branded cosmetics, such as Elizabeth Arden and Christian Dior. ‘We do not care about the price of make-up as we want to look great, just like normal women,’ she said.”New Straits Times Online

My personal opinion on this piece is here.

I’ve been monitoring the ongoing fallout from this radical feminist blog post, and it’s been tough for me to read some of the extreme hate that came from that post. I think much of the hatred that some of these radical feminists feel comes from this kind of misogynistic nonsense. What do you think?