(LGBT Issues = Same-Sex Marriage) = The New Transgendercide Agenda

From Queer Channel Media:

Support for same-sex marriage tops the list for what LGBT rights supporters want to hear from President Obama next week during his State of the Union address.


It tops the list of what the ‘all gay marriage, all the time – and fuck the working-class shlubs who don’t already have employment anti-discrimination protection and don’t have an 8-figure estate tax bite taht they’re trying to dodge’-oids want.

The demand from advocates makes for great expectations for the speech, which is set to take place before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday.

An opponent of same-sex marriage, Obama has suggested his position could “evolve” on the matter and said last month he’s “wrestling” with the idea of marriage rights for gay couples.

Obama hasn’t stated support for same-sex marriage even though several states — including Rhode Island and Maryland — could advance marriage equality legislation this year, while others — including New Hampshire, Indiana and North Carolina — could see restrictions on such rights.

Rea Carey, executive director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, said stating support for same-sex marriage during the State of the Union address would demonstrate Obama’s leadership.

“We would like for him to publicly state his support for marriage equality,” Carey said. “We have wanted him to lead on this issue. He has talked about … experiencing some evolution, and we’d like to say, ‘Evolve now!’”

Carey said she expects that Obama will discuss the economic hardships facing the country, which she said would present an opportunity for the president to acknowledge that a lack of marriage rights exacerbates these problems for same-sex couples.

“One of these stresses for same-sex couples on their families is because we can’t get married in so many places and because of DOMA, there are so many ways that we do not have protections for our families that are only adding stress in this economic climate,” she said.

Of course, that paragraph should have ended: “…she said, comfortable in the knowledge that she knows where her next paycheck is coming from.”

Richard Socarides, president of the media watchdog group Equality Matters, also said Obama should talk about his “journey of evolution” and come out in support of marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Watchdog group?

Every day I watch one of my dogs eat the other dog’s poop.

“I think that it’s important for him to get to the other side of the journey as quickly as possible because he is the leader of our country and he needs to be leading us and the nation in a direction of acceptance of full equality for LGBT people,” Socarides said.


You should thank him.  After all, he’s done all of the the math for you: marriage rights for same-sex couples = full equality for LGBT people.

Still, Socarides said he thinks Obama will focus on the economy as well as the political tone in Washington and expressed skepticism that Obama would broach the topic of same-sex marriage during his speech.

“I think it would be a perfect opportunity for him to announce that his evolution is complete,” Socarides said. “But just because I think it’s a good idea doesn’t mean I think we’ll see it. I think he’s not there yet.”

Whether the president will even address LGBT issues during his speech remains in question. Shin Inouye, a White House spokesperson, said as of Blade deadline he had no updates on what would be included in the State of the Union address.

During a news conference Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said he didn’t know whether the president would address marriage or repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act during his speech.

Mentioning LGBT issues such as same-sex marriage during the State of the Union could be a catalyst for progress in the coming year.


You need to send thanks to Queer Channel Media as well.  They’re doing math for you so you don’t have think about how the numbers don’t add up:  LGBT issues = same-sex marriage

Last year, President Obama’s mention of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was seen as the starting point for the path that led to the passage of legislation allowing for repeal of the law.

Maybe in St. Crain Land.  The rest of us saw it as the beginning of the open subversion of ENDA.

Socarides said the State of the Union address presents “the perfect place” for Obama to set up the path for advancement on LGBT issues like marriage rights for same-sex couples.

I mean it! You really, really, really, really should thank him.  After all, he’s making sure that you never need to worry about whether anything adds up: LGBT issues = marriage rights for same-sex couples

In addition to support for same-sex marriage, LGBT rights supporters said they would like to hear about a trans-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the address.


And only 20 paragraphs into a 26-paragraph piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Autumn Sandeen, a San Diego-based transgender activist, said Obama needs to address employment discrimination experienced by transgender people as well as gays on the national level.

Are the steel-cage death matches over now, Autumn?  I hope so – because I hope you’ll get right on ENDA given that someone who’s paid $80+ K to advocate for us…


I’ll even see about getting you a diamond-encrusted turnbuckle.

On a plane from Phoenix to DCA, sitting next to John McCain. When you fly in and out of DC a lot as I do, you frequently are on planes with members of Congress.

Believe it or not I had nothing to say to him. And every veteran on the plane–and there were a lot-were lining up to meet him. Me talking about ENDA would have been meaningless and annoying. When I do I need to talk to him about that in a couple of years, he’ll likely have some vague memory that we’ve met and hopefully that will help.

There is no real etiquette other than my own which is I do not bother famous people when they are traveling. I don’t ask for autographs and I don’t ask to have my picture taken. Just me. If I had needed to talk to him about busine…ss, I would, but there is nothing he can do for trans people currently so why hassle a fellow harried traveler?

Why indeed?  You’re both overpaid political parasites who have about as much comprehension of the practical needs of anyone in the real world as that one dog of mine has about how to go through a day without eating the other dog’s poop.

For some reason here I’m reminded of a parable about snakes, lawyers and professional courtesy.

But I digress…

And I think I’ll close by quoting Joelle Ruby Ryan’s take on the Queer Channel Media missive:

This article makes my skin crawl. Could Gay Inc. declare its “all marriage all the time” agenda any more clearly if they tried?


They could have included the Quisling’s quacking about how unnecessary it is to make any attempt to speak to speak to a powerful senator when you have the opportunity to do so.


All you people who have paid money to come to DC to lobby for ENDA…

Don’t you just feel more special now than you’ve ever felt before?

Don’t you just feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo motivated to spend some more money that you don’t have to spend to fly to DC in order to attempt to have standard-issue conversations about yet another imaginary ENDA with the junior staffers of senior politicians who someone who is paid $80+K to lobby has opportunities to lobby face-to-face but, when presented with such an opportunity, chooses instead to sleep and mind her own business?

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