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The TSA: a binary body system in practice

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Traveling While Trans: The False Promise of Better Treatment By Dr. Cary Gabriel Costello Back in 2012, I wrote about the problems I regularly encountered as a trans person when going through TSA security screening at airports. Since that time, we’ve been promised, much has changed. The TSA has formally stated that it will not discriminate…

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Psychiatric abuse of transgender people: a case from Russia

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The reality of trans pathologization in Russia By Yana Kirey-Sitnikova Note: The article contains descriptions of violence and involuntary medical treatment. Psychiatric treatment of transgender people has recently received attention in media and medical literature in response to strong international campaigns for depathologization, organized by transgender activists. The debates grew even stronger surrounding the drafting of…

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Cianán is a lapsed Ph.D. chemist, writer, public speaker, trainer, activist, and assessment expert whose interests in activism are transmasculine representation in global trans activism and development of the public concept of trans folks as complete people with lives, identities, and desires beyond simply being trans. As a gay trans man, his personal interests also…

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4chan plans “genocide” against transgender women

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The 4chans sub board known as /pol/ (a well known ultra right reactionary sub board) has publicly and outright stated plans to drive transgender people (particularly trans women) to suicide and stated we should be “rounded up and slaughtered like cattle”. They have also made indications they aim to align with trans exclusionary radical feminists.…

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Trans people have 99 problems, and Facebook is just one

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A personal reflection on the abuse of weaponization of Facebook’s “Real Name” Policy By Emmagene Cronin I woke up Monday morning, the first day of Trans Awareness Week, as I do everyday before I’m off to classes. I get myself out of bed after hitting the alarm a few times, and then I trot downstairs to make…

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Trans Exclusionary Radical “Feminists”

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Via Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls  

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