It’s All Greek To Me: The Transgender – Homosexuality Death Match

In reading the recently published “Interview: Transgenderism Emerging on the Heels of Homosexuality in Media” at the Christian Post, I sat amazed with my mouth agape at the following statement.

“When you look at Scripture for example, when Paul talks in 1 Corinthians 6:9 about the following group of people will not inherit the Kingdom of God. One of those groups of people he calls the “soft men.” Now the meaning of that essentially, in its historical context, is men who feminize themselves to attract male sex partners. And that’s the closest thing you have in the ancient world to transgenderism. Paul lists them among the group of people who risk not being included in the Kingdom.”

For years conservative Christians have used 1Corinthians 6:9 to prove that homosexuality is a sin. In using 1Corinthians 6:9 in the above context, they are confirming the view that the verse isn’t about homosexuality. For years liberal churches like the MCC church have argued the fine points of the Greek words used in 6:9 (malakoi, malakee, and arsenokoitai instead of the word paiderasste).

The question of usage is unclear, but one thing is not. This verse either relates to homosexuality or effeminate behavior, but NOT both. If they use this passage as a way to deny transgender people a place in the church, they leave the back door wide open for gays and lesbians.

These types of attacks on transgender people are by conservative Christians who don’t care about theology or about scripture. They are simply trying to find a way to further their hatred and bigotry.