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Debunked: JoeySalads’ Transgender Bathroom Hoax

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Once again, news media around the globe proves that they’ll promote just about anything anti-trans, without verification. Zinnia Jones released an in-depth analysis and debunking of YouTuber Joey “Salads” Saladino’s “transgender bathroom experiment” wherein Saladino dons a bad wig so that he can stage and film what he presents to be the actual fear of (cis) women when they encounter…

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Transgender women in women’s restrooms: A purely imagined harm

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By Zinnia Jones This August, California passed the School Success and Opportunity Act, a law mandating that transgender students must be included in school activities on the basis of their identified gender rather than their assigned sex. This includes playing on sports teams consistent with their gender, as well as the use of facilities such as bathrooms…

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