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December 23, 2017 ·

Today’s show focuses on self-care as a form of Resistance, plus the local and national news and Gwen Smith’s Gender Nation.

On the Pod: Cristan Williams, Robin Mack, and Alexis Melvin.
Music: Whole Cloth by Daniel Birch & Ben Pegley & The End by The Doors Parade

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  • CDC’s “banning” of 7 words from CDC budget: “Kelly told the analysts that ‘certain words’ in the CDC’s budget drafts were being sent back to the agency for correction. Three words that had been flagged in these drafts were ‘vulnerable,’ ‘entitlement’ and ‘diversity.’ Kelly told the group the ban on the other words had been conveyed verbally.”
  • Peer-Reviewed Study – The Chilling Effect: How Do Researchers React to Controversy?
  • ‘Moral’ Pedophiles and rapists: Catholic Priest & Pedophiles – “The report also detailed abuse in churches of other denominations and at such institutions as schools and sports clubs. However, it concluded that the greatest number of alleged abuse perpetrators were found in Catholic institutions. The commission has concluded that 7 percent of priests who worked in Australia between 1950 and 2009 had been accused of child sex abuse.” Baptist Pastors & Pedophiles: “After promoting fears of being inundated by transgender sexual predators should Houston’s equality ordinance pass, Baker and Welch are currently mired in a sexual assault scandal wherein Baker sexually assaulted and harassed women and Welch attempted to get Baker off the hook… While the Convention’s move to oppose the existence of trans people has drawn criticism, the Convention is no stranger to having its actions criticized.  The Convention faced past criticism over the way it handled its child rape problem and more specifically, that they refuse to track their own pedophiles. The Convention’s Florida arm was held libel for in effect, facilitating the rape of children, and recently vowed to fight paying damages to the rape victim. Some rape survivors have taken it upon themselves to track the child rape issues that plagues Convention members since the Convention itself won’t.” Child sexual predator, Roy “the transgenders don’t have rights” Moore, endorsed by sexual predator, youth creeper, and peeping tom, the President of the United States of America, Donald “Grab ’em by the pussy” Trump, LOSES the Alabama special election. Even so, Moore, who seeks to convert our American representative democracy into a theocracy, cites the existence of trans people as a reason he refuses to concede.
  • Republicans pass a tax scam for the 1%ers.
  • Gwen Smith’s Gender Nation
  • Debating the Christian Bible’s verses on homosexuality and trans & gender non-conforming people.
  • The Trans Archive Acquisition Fund: “Currently when we find something that we would like to acquire for the Transgender Archives, we do semi-panic fundraising and hope we can raise the funds before someone else acquires the item. This fund is to give us a head start on the fundraising so we can improve our acquisition success.”
  • The Friends of Queer Voices Fund: “Queer Voices has been the reliable voice of the Houston GLBT community for many years. Currently, Queer Voices can be heard every Monday evening on Pacifica Radio’s Houston station KPFT. For some time Pacifica Radio’s financial situation has been difficult. This has left Queer Voices in a situation where they may need to make alternative production and broadcast arrangements on very short notice. The purpose of Our “Friends of Queer Voices” fund will raise money to support the Houston Queer Voices radio show by assuring that there is money available to support this move should it happen and provide other funding to Queer Voices as appropriate.”
  • Transgender Foundation of America

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