“You kind of like me, don’t you, Chuck?

Charles revisited the transgender/feminism debate, this time centering on the “Language Around Trans, How it Works, How it Doesn’t….

Little Light said:

“Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable getting involved in this discussion until the trans people in it actually have our words honored. In the previous thread, most of the trans folk involved dropped out quietly in frustration, and part of the reason is that our arguments and statements were not actually being engaged with. “

I agree with Little Light. I’ve seen enough useless anger and devision to last me 300 lifetimes. I’ve experienced more than my share of “Is it true that you have the most womanly prostrate ever? How does it feel to know you will always be a mutilated man?” on my personal blog. I’ve experienced this and this in my real life. When an online discussion/debate spirals into a shouting match, I’ll quietly remove myself and move on. I’m not a delicate flower, for sure. My decision to leave has little to do with my ability to debate or accept criticism. I’ll debate in some really hostile environments if I think it’s going to educate or illuminate; but I have a really short fuse for hate with my online life. I’m here to learn and to educate. I’m here to dialogue. I’m here to share. I’m here to explore. But I am not here to have someone to tell me who and what I am. So staying or going is a matter of respect and decorum.

I believe that internet/blog discussions can and are, at times, productive. I like challenging the reasoning of my own thoughts and actions. I know other people have benefited from the conversations as well. I’ve also benefited from the gift of being introduced to some really wonderful people. If you want to debate and, or discuss, I’m available. But if you simply want to tell me what a messed up person I am, don’t expect me to hang around and listen. My mom does it better than you anyway….