If You Dig Michfest, You’re NOT a Trans Ally

I recently had a discussion with a person with cisgender privledge about Michfest. I thought feminist/POC theory taught rather early on that a person who isn’t in the oppressed category doesn’t get to define if they are in fact, an ally. If you support Michfest, you’re NOT a Trans ally. This is what I said:

“No, we don’t share similar viewpoints on Michfest. I wouldn’t go to Hammerfest, no matter how ‘good’ or how much of a “safe space” it created for me. This isn’t just about exclusion, it’s about belief. A belief that comes out of the work of Raymond and Daly. It’s not just some innocuous thing. “Technology on the Social and Ethical Aspects of Transsexual Surgery, for the US Government” had a devastating effect on transsexuals that is still felt today.

If you support Michfest, you aren’t an ally. And you don’t get to decide if you’re an ally or not. That’s a game the oppressor plays.

As far as those words coming out of my mouth, if you heard that I attended a Hammerfest, would you NOT think I were an ignorant bigot? I would be rightfully indicted by attendance.”