Update on Kim

Dr Kimberly Hyatt-Wallace commented on Transadvocate.com that she was sent the following e-mail from Spokane County Jail representatives:

Dr. Hyatt-Wallace

I was forwarded your e-mail and listed concerns. I have addressed this issue with the jail’s classification unit and have removed Stankovich from all male housing. Stankovich is housed and will remained housed in our pre-classification module. This areas houses both female and male inmates. Stankovich will be kept seperate from other inmates and housed alone during this jail stay. We have booked this individual as Stankovich, William with an, a.k.a. as Stankovich, Kimberly as per the order from Superior Court of Washington, County of Spokane.

Lt. Gary L. Delzer
Spokane County Sheriff’s Office
Jail Division – Custody Operations