TransGiving 2: The Gender Book

December 7, 2013 ·

[alert type=”notice”]This is the second in a series on backing your community. During the month of December, the TransAdvocate will feature 12 AMAZING trans nonprofits/causes that deserve your support.[/alert]

The Gender Book is one of those super amazing projects that you should support. It’s an illustrated book – similar to educational children’s books, with no age limit. It’s about 90 pages long, and can be read in one sitting. The book covers highly nuanced subjects in a way that makes the topic of gender – along with its rainbow of complexities – both accessible and engaging. In shot, The Gender Book is a colorful visual primer on the world of gender.


The creators of The Gender Book want it be a widely disseminated resource that alleviates societal misunderstanding and oppression of gender minorities through education.


You can get a sense of what The Gender Book is about by checking out the Gender Booklet, a very condensed version of The Gender Book that’s printer friendly:


All of this is great, but why is The Gender Book featured in the TransAdvocate’s 12 Days of TransGiving? Glad you asked because The Gender Book is doing an indiegogo kickstarter!

From the project’s kickstarter:

Our research told us that print-on-demand, while awesome for lots of things, is pretty cost-prohibitive. For the kind of full-color, illustrated, hardback books we want at the quality we need, it just isn’t feasible. So we looked into other options. We chose to send the book out for printing, but to do that, we need a bulk order. And to place a bulk order, we need the monies up front. This is where you come in. By ordering now – during the month of December only – you can secure your very own copy of the GENDER book, and we can fulfill our 1,000 copy print minimum to make it affordable to everyone.

The world needs this book! Let’s help make this resource a reality!

[button link=”” size=”large” target=”_blank”]Check out The Gender Book Kickstarter![/button]

The TransAdvocate is beginning a new holiday tradition. We’re calling it the “12 Days of #TransGiving.” This December series will feature awesome trans nonprofits and causes worthy of your support. Most trans causes and/or nonprofits really struggle. We want to highlight worthy causes and foster a culture of investing in our community. We encourage you to spread the word about #TransGiving and support the awesome causes profiled in this series!

Other causes in this series:

  1. The Trans Center and Trans Archives


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