TERF suing Twitter for special right to harass trans women

Meghan Murphy, a Canadian TERF, is suing Twitter for the special right to harass trans women on Twitter. Murphy is represented by Republican operative and past editor of the Heritage Foundation’s Policy Review magazine, Harmeet K Dhillon. Joining Murphy’s suit is Noah Peters, attorney for a White supremacist who previously sued Twitter for not hosting his racist tweets.

The TERF lawsuit seeks to have Twitter, “cease and desist from enforcing its unannounced and viewpoint discriminatory ‘misgendering’ rule” and stop “enforcing its ‘Hateful Conduct Policy’ arbitrarily and in bad faith in order to suspend, ban and censor users who expressed critical views on ‘gender identity’ issues.”

Specifically, TERFs and the religious right seem to be offended that a November 2018 profanity-laden tweet by Murphy was deemed to have violated Twitter’s usage policy because her post asserted that trans women were, in fact, men.

The lawsuit effectively claims that Murphy’s freedom of speech trumps Twitter’s freedom of association and that it must, therefore, host Murphy’s tweets that misgender transgender people.

Read the lawsuit below: