Taking The Good With The Bad

According to KTVB.com, Idaho Inmate Jennifer Spencer has won a small battle in the fight to get hormone replacement therapy in prison.

While this is definitely a win for humane treatment of prisoners  and for transsexuals that are incarcerated in Idaho, I have to wonder  what the blacklash will be. These are the kind of cases that rile up the nastier side of the right wing.

Examples from the comments of One News Now:

Although I do not live in Idaho, I think it is terrible that the taxpayers will have to pay for this therapy. It is bad enough that the taxpayer have to pay for room and board for the prisoners, but now for hormone therapy!!! Get REAL.. Most health insurance companies dont even cover all REAL illnesses, but now the taxpayers do. ONN

It’s a shame that certain poorly performing activist judges can’t be dealt with like the poorly performing pit bulldogs of the Michael Vick kennels (albeit not as humanely). ONN

Or you get nasty stuff like this:

Naturally US District Judge Mikel Williams agreed. It wouldn’t occur to a judge that forcing the prison system to indulge insanity is not going to stop freaks from being crazy enough to mutilate themselves, because according to our liberal elite overlords, being “transgendered” isn’t a matter of mental illness, but rather a sacrosanct ticket to climb aboard the official victim gravy train. (The lawsuit is pending. No doubt Gammett/Spencer will leave prison a wealthy she-man.)

The lunatics have literally taken charge of the asylum. – Moonbattery

No matter that a doctor has deemed this “medically necessary” or that prisoners are a wards of the state and are under the protection of the state (not to mention the Eighth Amendment). We need to get rid of them activist judges (The judges we don’t agree with)!

The ironic twist is that the cost of the hormones themselves are minimal. The health care costs of those inmates  who go to such an extreme as to cut off their testicles far outweigh giving the inmate the treatment in the first place.