Keep On Hatin’ WWBT’s

August 15, 2011 ·

I see the WWBT’s are still hatin.

I just spent a lovely two days at a conference in which the participants were laughing at y’all.  They noted the outright hatred you WWBT’s have for lil old award winning chocolate me with the blog that ‘nobody’ reads.

Autumn Sandeen at Pam’s House Blend just wrote a post that engages in piling on A.G.Casebeer.  Because of my now twelve year and continuing friendship with him, the WWBT’s are trying and failing miserably to use it as a vehicle to attack me.

Okay, the man apologized for the comment and I posted it on this blog.  We all know what’s going on here.  You’re trying to deflect attention away from the unjust UN paper two white first world lesbians wrote that attempts to deny trans people around the world human rights coverage.   You don’t want people paying closer attention to the fact that when it comes to ‘equality’, the rainbow community has people in it that don’t practice what they preach at others.

They don’t want people digging deeper into the fact that radical lesbian separatists have acted for over 30 years and continue to act as agents for the Forces of Intolerance when it comes to opposing trans human rights and are  crying white woman’s tears because they’re being called on it.

And for once, it ain’t just people of color calling their behinds on it..

In your zeal to paint me as a ‘racist’, you continue to deliberately ignore the fact I’ve been just as hard on my own people as a sector of you presume I’ve been on y’all.    The repeated ‘racist’ straw man is getting so old that my friends have turned it into a joke when they greet me.

But let me attempt to school you delusional WWBT’s one more time.

Racism=prejudice plus systemic power.  That’s something y’all should have learned and retained from Sociology 101 but obviously didn’t .

No person of color has the power on an individual or group level to keep any white person from doing whatever they wish.  But as Brennan and Hungerford just proved with their unjust paper, by dint of their white skin and privilege, the opposite is certainly true.

And don’t even try in the comment section to claim President Obama has that power.   If he did, he wouldn’t have had to spend time doing a press conference in May over his fracking birth certificate because a group of white people led by an immigrant no less named Orly Taitz has falsely claimed for two years he wasn’t a citizen.

Your WWBT calls  for ‘stripping me on any positions in the trans community’ smack of the same arrogance and white privilege the group of Republican white women who were pissed off at Oprah were drunk on and exercised in 2008.  They got huffy because she wouldn’t violate her stated ‘no political interviews during the election’ policy and conduct one with Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential election campaign

They swore they would boycott and take down Oprah.   And how did that work out for them?  Those same ones loudly selling woof tickets then were probably begging for tickets to get into United Center for her last sold out shows.

And oh yeah, didn’t you ubermenschen claim you weren’t part of the trans community?

You WWBT’s are not going to hold me to a shifting standard that you don’t apply and don’t intend to apply to yourselves.  I’m not going to stop calling out you WWBT’s about your hypocrisy, your racism and your selling out your transbrothers and transsisters of all ethnicities for your own selfishness and comfort.   I’m not going to stop pointing out that elements of this community like wearing white sheets under their dresses, or that the leadership ranks of it are as monoethnic as a Republican party meeting.

I’m also going to continue speaking my truth and looking at issues in this community through an Afrocentric viewpoint.   If you don’t like that, you can go to Hades and catch the 666 bus to get there.

The more you attack me, the more you continue to prove everything I’ve said about you WWBT’s and the worse you look to non-white transpeople and our allies.

And still I rise.

I smell the grease from the Hater Tots you’re cooking and the aroma of the Vanilla Ice flavored Hateraid you’re consuming from 55 gallon drums.   So is everyone else who is peeping your game right now.

Go back to those radical lesbian separatist feminists you pal around with that are still uttering hateful disco era rhetoric about transpeople and have worked for decades to deny transpeople the very human rights coverage that they enjoy.

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