I’ve Got The Power!

But it’s for the reasons I provided there that in my view females (women born female who have lived all of their lives as girls and women) cannot “discriminate” against transpersons. They can be nasty and mean. They can be unkind and assholish. But they can’t “discriminate”– because discrimination is a function of power, and females/women (born female who have lived all of their lives as girls/women), in fact have not, and do not, enjoy sex privilege with respect to transpersons. They may enjoy race privilege/class privilege/non-disabled privilege/privilege based on being heterosexual instead of lesbian/thin privilege, but they don’t enjoy sex privilege. –Women’s Space/The Margins

Reading that made me search out this: The Male Privilege Checklist. I think Heart’s assertion that women born women (wbw) don’t have power over transwomen is patently absurd. Isn’t power hierarchical? If it is, I believe wbw do have power over trans-women. If I had to do a WBW Checklist, I’d include:

1. The odds of me being hired for a job, when competing against trans-women applicants, are probably skewed in my favor.

2. If I am incarcerated my odds of being raped are low.


3. I am less likely than a transwoman to face being raped, beaten, murdered, ridiculed, harassed, taunted, threatened, abused by a domestic partner, fired from my job, or expelled from my home. – Sabrina

4) I am less likely than a transperson to be ostracized by my family and peers for expressing gender in ways that feel comfortable to me. – StacyMI’ll add em as they come to me but what would you include on this list?