TransAdvocate in Texas: Texas Senate Bill 6 (SB6) was particularly cruel as it takes aim at trans and intersex school children, fining any school that does not force trans/intersex boys to use the girl’s bathroom and trans/intersex girls to use the boy’s bathroom in excess of $10,000 a day per student.

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Members of the TransAdovcate Writer’s Collective doing what that do best: raising hell and doing good.

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About TFA

Organized in 1998, TFA is a Houston-based grassroots nonprofit organization that obtained its 501c3 nonprofit status in 2001. TFA was brought into existence through the hard work and support its parent organization, the Gulf Coast Transgender Community (GCTC) which traces its roots back to 1965. In addition to TFA, GCTC was instrumental in organizing pioneering organizations like the Texas Association for Transsexual Support (TATS) and historic events such as the International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy. GCTC’s spirit lives on in the TFA mission of improving the quality of life for transgender people.

TFA facilitates numerous trans support groups and community events such as the Unity Banquet, now in its 24th year. Additionally, it maintains the Transgender Archive and the Trans Center, provides annual scholarships to trans-supportive academics, represents trans health concerns with health departments across the nation, trains organizations, companies, and schools throughout the nation and pioneered trans homeless, social, and medical services.

A Historical Perspective on Trans Advocacy

On one front we were fighting TERFs as they worked with US Administrations to try to institutionalize a national program of reparative therapy for all trans folk, revoke our access to health care, and to legislate trans people out of existence. On another front, we were fighting powerful gay men who felt that trans folk were dragging the gay rights movement down so that the founder of HRC, Steven Endean, encouraged the movement to “hide the drag queens.” On other fronts, we were facing systemic institutionalized discrimination at every level of society. On yet other fronts, we were fighting to just stay alive. At every level and in every way possible, both our foes and those who were supposed to be our allies made existence harder. The system was rigged to ensure that it produced a disenfranchised, demoralized, and dehumanized trans population with some of the highest rates of murder, rape, assault, unemployment, HIV, homelessness, psychological pressure and, of course, suicide. This is what the trans advocate movement has spent the last 50 years pushing against and now – finally – the trans community is at a tipping point.

1979: trans pioneer and our nation’s first out trans judge, Phyllis Frye fighting to ensure that trans employment protections are not forgotten in the fight for equality. | Courtesy of the Houston Transgender Archive


Now, TERFs are confronted as bigots at every turn. Now, over the past 5 – 10 years, we’ve seen trans social and medical services begin to pop up across the nation even as the last “respectable” reparative therapy clinic was shut down. Now, trans people are protected under Title VII, Title IX, HUD non-discrimination rules, and we are able to acquire correct federal identification (thank you Obama!), regardless of what state legislatures have to say. Even as bigots scramble to assert that after 60+ years of trans people using hygiene facilities that correspond to their gender identity within the United States that:

  • The existence of trans people suddenly poses safety risks
  • After 20+ years of case law behind the legal concept of “gender identity”, we somehow no longer understand what it means
  • Trans-inclusive nondiscrimination policies are bad because these policies aren’t procedure

We have nonetheless made great strides in reclaiming our own trans history, civil rights, and place within society. At every level, the trans community is making headway.

Be a Trans Advocate!


TransAdvocate members ensuring HIV prevention & care is trans & intersex inclusive.

The Pacific Justice Institute, an anti-trans hate group, thought they could target a 16-year-old trans girl, lie about her, and the nation would hate trans kids. They were wrong.

TransAdvocate members doing abortion clinic defense.