Update: Facebook Ban and Lost Corporation Status of “Ticked-Off Trannies” Film

I recently tried to post an update on Facebook to the story ran on Transadvocate on Monday (March 22, 2010) titled:
Tribeca Film Festival Promotes Exploitation of Transgender People and got the following:

I then was auto-logged out and when I logged back in it said my login had been disabled. Since when is posting about GLAAD’s petition of the movie a violation of Facebook’s TOS? What exactly was reported as abusive? I can’t figure out if the petition itself has been reported as abusive, or the fact that someone *cough* *cough* might have been a tad pissed that my blog post mentioned the producer’s part time escort gig?

A recent search of the Texas Secretary of State website shows that LaLuna Entertainment, the company that produced the film, actually no longer exists as a corporation in the state of Texas. It’s status is listed as “Forfeited Existence” which means that Laluna Entertainment “failed to file its franchise tax return or to pay the tax due thereunder. Status is changed by secretary of state when certification of the delinquency is received from the comptroller of public accounts.”

Another reason Tribeca Film Festival should yank this film. I hope they didn’t sign any binding contracts with the “company”….