TransAdvocate Polling Results

Last month we asked TAers how they felt about non-binary expressions of gender. One of the favorite RadFem (TERF) memes they like to propagate is that trans folk are the embodiment of the patriarchy since because their lived experience proves that they only value the gender binary.

Are the TERFs right?

We asked TA readers the following:

Do you feel that non-binary gender identifications are valid?

TA Polling Results
TA Polling Results


Of the 148 of you who gave your opinion, the vast majority – 126 or 85% of you – asserted that non-binary gender identifications were in fact valid. Fourteen (9%) of you are apparently nuts and long to live in a Leave it to Beaver world and 8 of you (5%) didn’t know how you felt about this question.

Thanks everyone for being a good sport and participating!