Targeted Families, Targeted Lives

I really can’t believe all the ridiculously negative things I’ve been hearing about the 2nd grade student that is transitioning at school. Here are a few examples:

Public schools have been involved in a sick propaganda campaign that encourages and collaborates with the advancement of mental illness in children. – Stop The

It is a basic fact of biology, sex is immutable. If you are born a male, you will die a male. There is absolutely nothing any mortal can do about that. Yet for some strange reason, we seem to think that are sex is like a pair of socks, which can be changed on a whim.

Putting a dress on a boy, having him the girl’s room and calling him a female name, can not and will not make this John Doe into Jane Doe. It has can’t be done and it has never been done. School systems should be in the businss of teaching life and not pandering to delusions. Putting a dress on a young man and calling him by a girl’s name will not make him into a female. It will only make him into a boy with a dress.We are what we are, and we can not change what we are by wearing or not wearing a dress. Stop pandering to utter foolishness. – Bits Blog

It makes one wonder what is happening to our culture when a 2nd grade boy decides he has to dress up as a girl and his public school chooses to accommodate his feelings. – Dallas Blog

The original purpose of the public schools was to indoctrinate children in being “Good Americans.” At the time, this meant Protestant patriots who worked for work’s sake. Now, public schools are still indoctrinating little “Good Americans,” but this time it means supporting the idea that man is first, last, and all-importantly a sexual animal whose desires, no mater how perverse, need to be sated without consequence or guilt. First, it was Sex Ed. Then condoms and abortion referrals. Then, GLBT clubs and gay proms. Now, this satanic doctrine is manifesting itself in the policy of a public school in Colorado allowing a sexually confused second grade boy to come to school dressed, and addressed, as a girl. – Fish In A Barrel

Gone from all the school system’s accommodation is any concern for other kids and other parents; there’s no question in the District’s mind — everyone else needs to be exposed to this perversion, because the rights of the perverted come before the rights of those who support normalcy. – Cheat Seeking Missles

Is there anyone other than me that thinks this crap is not something the child one day woke up and said, wait, I’m transgendered! I would bet the farm that this kid got it from some media outlet or, G-D forbid, his parents! What is happening to our society? – Democrat Equals Socialist

A look at the facts:

1. Gender identity disorder (GID) is a treatable mental disorder. The most common treatment for GID is gender transition. This isn’t a new phenomenon.

2. Genetic biology is immutable, gender isn’t. There are a myriad of choices people make on a daily basis to be able to live in their mind and body comfortably. It’s this wacky thing called personal liberty.

3. People are perceived based on how they present, not what genitals they have. Look at the person next to you, do you have personal knowledge of what their genitals look like?

4. The schools are simply following medical protocol. (standards of care). This doesn’t have anything to do with an “agenda” or propaganda.

I find it highly ironic that these some folks will be the ones talking about parents having the freedom to parent their children as they wish when it comes to corporal punishment, but when it comes to a diagnosable, treatable mental disorder they cry foul. Some suggest the reason for this gender identity disorder a psychological genesis (psychodynamics and sexual object choice), but will not accept the standard of care for gender identity disorder.

It’s another answer begging the question. I guess that’s what you have to when you don’t have the facts on your side.