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Gender Nation: Rape, Segregation, & Justice

November 16, 2017 路

Gender Nation is a bi-weekly column by聽Gwendolyn Ann Smith, the founder of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, reviewing news affecting the trans, intersex, and genderqueer community. Molesting & Raping Inmates as "Justice" A 52-year-old trans woman has filed a federal lawsuit against the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. The case cites harassment suffered by both guards and other inmates due in part to her being housed in the Massachusetts Correctional Institution in Norfolk, an all-male prison. She is seeking to be… Read more.

Gender Nation: Killing Pride, Politically Pimping Rape, & Wal-Mart Discriminates Against Trans People

November 2, 2017 路

Gender Nation is a bi-weekly column by聽Gwendolyn Ann Smith, the founder of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, reviewing news affecting the trans, intersex, and genderqueer community. Killing Pride A teacher in Cambridge, New York, was suspended with pay after complaints from parents over a transgender-themed handout. The teacher, reported by the Glens Falls Post-Star as Jacqueline Hill, teaches health classes for both the seventh and tenth grades at Cambridge Central School. She was placed on "administrative leave" as a result… Read more.

Washington’s Just Want Privacy’s Talking Points For Their Antitrans Initiative

April 12, 2016 路

Do you want to know what Just Want Privacy's talking points are? The talking points that the organization gives out to their spokespeople who support of their "repeal the rule" initiative on transgender public accommodations? The things they tell them not to say? Just Want Privacy is the group who wants to repeal the public accommodation antidiscrimination protections based on gender identity in Washington by a statewide initiative. One thing… Read more.

The 2008 Gainesville Bathroom Bill TV Spot Revisited

January 18, 2016 路

Their Supposed 2 + 2 Didn't Equal Their What They Said Would Be The Outcome Of 4 Just this last year in Houston, the Campaign For Houston created what turned out to be an effective, creepy ad that more that implied that if one gave civil rights based on gender identity to Houstonians, then men would be given the legal right to enter public women's bathrooms unimpeded -- and then… Read more.

The Coming California Bathroom Initiative

May 4, 2015 路

Brad Dacus's "Prancing Transgender Voyeurs" Quote The first line of what California's Personal Privacy Protection Act initiative would create as California Health & Safety Code 搂 118501, should it become law in 2016, is this: Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person shall use facilities in accordance with their biological sex in all government buildings. The Personal Privacy Protection Act is currently a request for a Title And Summary For Proposed Initiative that's been… Read more.

PJI Has Wildly Varying Tones & Talking Points On Jane Doe & AB 1266

October 22, 2013 路

It All Depends On The Audience The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has been at the center of a controversy because of what they've clamed about the behavior of a trans student at a Colorado high school. They've turned her into a predator...a monster...a "nightmare" example of what trans female youth will do if they are universally allowed into any public school's girls locker rooms and restrooms. And as Transadvocate editor-in-chief Cristan Williams has pointed out, one of their transparent reasons… Read more.

GA Allows Transgender Girl To Use – Oh My! -The Girls’ Room

August 22, 2013 路

By Lianne Simon Atlanta Gender Variations聽is a support group for the families of gender variant children. A few months ago they invited me to speak about intersex and share some of my history. One of the issues they shared with me was that of Skylar, a twelve-year-old transgender girl, who had been denied use of the girls鈥 restroom at her school. Although they had instructed her to use the faculty restroom, she had, on at least one occasion, been denied… Read more.

A Bathroom Story That Doesn’t Involve The “Bathroom Bill” Meme

May 22, 2013 路

There's an interesting, but sad story found on the Army Times website entitled West Point sergeant charged with filming naked female cadets. From the article: A sergeant first class on the staff of the United States Military Academy at West Point faces charges for allegedly filming numerous female cadets without their consent, sometimes when they were in the shower, according to the Army. The suspect, Sgt. First Class Michael McClendon, faces charges under four articles of the Uniform Code of… Read more.

Tennessee Anti-trans Bathroom Bill Gains Dubious Distinction as “The State That Likes to Hate”

January 15, 2012 路

Trans men and women around the world reacted in horror yesterday to a proposal tabled before the Tennessee General Assembly to criminalise anyone who used changing or rest room facilities that did not match the gender stated on their birth certificate. The proposed legislation (HB2279/SB2282), instantly dubbed the 鈥減olice the potty鈥 bill by Jonathan Cole of the Tennessee Equality Project, was introduced in the Senate and House of Representatives by Chattanooga Republicans Senator Bo Watson and Rep. Richard Floyd 鈥… Read more.