Same Ole “Ball and Crain” Dreams

ballandcrain.gifI know some of my transgender sisters question my commitment to their equality, but let me be the first (I think) to point out where the top-three Democrats on in inclusion of gender identiy in federal hate crimes legislation (where I support it) and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (where I support in principle adding it at some later date, but oppose its inclusion now).” – Chris Crain

First of all, it’s not just the sisters that question you “commitment” to our equality rights. There are trans-brothers in this fight too, ya know (Ethan St. Pierre is the Chair of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition).

This question at hand isn’t hard, Chris. Either it’s the GLBT community, or it’s not.

Secondly, the transgender people from the previous generations have paid just as for their rights as gays and lesbians. They were out on the street cashing in their skin for advocacy. I’d remind you of the work done by done by the likes of Sylvia Rivera, Marsha “P” Washington, and the “screaming queens” of the Compton Cafeteria Riots. Transgender people have stood hand in hand with gays and lesbians in the fight for equality. Now you’d like to throw us under the bus?

Even Edwards, it should be noted, stopped short of the strategically suicidal position backed by the Task Force and the Human Rights Campaign, which is to actually oppose workplace rights and hate crime protections for gay Americans unless transgender protections can be adopted at the same time.”

Why not remove gay men from the bill? Leave lesbians in because they’re super popular right now (Can you say L Word!? Rosie!? Ellen!?) Not even heterosexuals can say no to lesbian protections! The bill woud sail right through both houses and President Bush would most certainly sign it! Everyone loves lesbians!


Of course it’s an absurd propisition to remove gay men from the legislation for expediencies sake. Removal of gender identity from either bill is just as absurd. The firm stand taken by HRC and NGLTF (and PFLAG) is a great step forward in the rights for equality of ALL GLBT citizens.


Some folks got the impression with the first image that I am attacking HRC. It’s supposed to be under the context of Chris Crain’s  “dream.” I’m thankful that most of the community (including HRC) don’t buy the incremental rights crap anymore.