PJI Has Plan Bs

If we don’t get it — enough signatures — we have to get over a half-a-million signatures, and if we don’t…we aren’t able to get enough signatures, then it goes into effect on January first. And then it’s…we’re going to see victims — I believe we’ll see victims all throughout the state of California. Boys and girls — You know, 13 year-old, 14 year-old girls who suddenly find themselves in the same shower bin as a naked boy…a 16 year-old boy.

That’s what this law allows, or for them to change together in the same locker room or be in the same bathroom. This is a full blown boy in the same place naked as a girl, you know, with the girls, and that’s what this law allows.

~Brad Dacus, executive director of the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), in the November 2, 2013 broadcast of The Dacus Report

Sometimes there’s failure. It looks more likely than not that the Privacy For All Students coalition (PFAS) is going to fail in their attempt to have AB 1266 put up for a statewide referendum vote.

But, there is Plan B.

If we for some strange reason they declare we did not have enough valid signatures, then we at Pacific Justice Institute are preparing to challenge this in federal court.

We don’t want to wait till after — to January first when we have the victims. And, the only way we can preemptively do this is if there’s parents out there — perhaps you’re listening to us — and your son or daughter knows that there’s at least one child in their school that claims to be a transgender. They claim that inside they have these feelings that they are the opposite sex. If that child can validate that this transgender has expressed their intention to use the opposite sex’s bathroom or locker room or showers, and they’re willing to come along side to be a plaintiff at our action, and if their child — and we’ll give anonymity, we’ll protect their identity — if they can do that, then they should contact us because that gives us standing to be able to have a preemptive action and to get this matter…um…uh…to get injunction against this enforcement as a violation of the U.S. constitution’s right to privacy that it guarantees to all of us, including to young adolescents and other children. So, contact us at Pacific Justice Institute if you know anything about this, if you have any information like that.

~Brad Dacus, in the November 16, 2013 broadcast of The Dacus Report

This “ambulance chasing” isn’t exactly a new practice for Brad Dacus and PJI. This is the video their organization posted August 12, 2013 of Brad Dacus requesting litigants for challenging AB 1266.

We at the Pacific Justices Institute stand ready and willing to defend anyone will be victimized as a result of this new law. That includes someone whose privacy rights are violated in the bathroom, in the locker room, in the showers, or someone who has been prevented from playing at a sports team because someone from the opposite gender took their place.

~Brad Dacus, in a video posted on PJI’s YouTube channel

Pacific Justice Institute is an organization of adults with an agenda searching for cisgender minors who’ll cooperate in demonizing and harassing a trans female youth in their high school in the same way that cisgender minor youth in Florence, Colorado are being used to demonize and harass — to the brink of suicide — a trans female youth at Florence High School in Florence, Colorado.

These adults, such as PJI board member Tim Lefever, PJI Executive Director Brad Dacus, and PJI Staff Attorney Matt McReynolds do not care at all if another trans female youth is harassed to the brink of suicide — their agenda has become more important to them that the well-being of any trans youth. Brad Dacus expressed the PJI belief that trans people all need to be cured.

Those afflicted with Gender Identity Disorder need professional counseling and our compassion, not more mandates that do not serve the best interests of our children.

For those at PJI, there is a Plan B for trans people, and it involves reparative therapy. And Dacus made this clear in the November 16 broadcast of The Dacus Report, where he said that Jane Doe, the trans student at Florence High School, needs Christ in her life to help her achieve “victory” over gender dysphoria. So starting at the 1:57 mark in the audio below:

[The parents of the girls claiming Jane Doe is harassing them] don’t hate this young man. In fact, as they should they have compassion for this young boy. He’s going through real issues. And why he’s going through those issues — whether it’s because something happened in his childhood, or father-son bonding — you know, there’s a whole bunch of factors that come into play…social environmental factors that can come into play in forming these kind of dysphorias.

And, they’re not something that once someone has it they have it for the rest of their life either — that’s a myth.

So, here we have these parents who are really concerned. They have compassion; they’re praying for this boy, and as it turns out they really want this boy to get his life in order. They want Christ to come into his life and to help him get his life in order — get victory in this area.

There’s more on how Brad Dacus and PJI believe reparative therapy is the solution for trans people from the November 2, 2013 broadcast of The Dacus Report.

Brad Dacus: Now Matt [Reynolds], as far as these transgender kids, I mean, people on the other side may say “Oh, how cold hearted. Shouldn’t you want to accommodate these kids and let them be who they are on the inside? You know, isn’t that really the loving thing is to let these boys who feel like they’re a girl that day to be able to go into the girls locker room and shower with the girls?” What would your response be, Matt?

Matt McReynolds: Well, a couple of things, Brad. I think number one we don’t help unhealthy behavior by enabling it. This is a very unhealthy behavior on the part of these young people, and they need to be confronted with that in a very loving and compassionate way. And, they need to be helped to realize, you know, what their true biological and anatomical sex is. And, this notion of a fluid gender identity is just not consistent with reality.

Let me interject here that I contacted Jack Drescher, Ph.D., about this interchange between Dacus and McReynolds. Dr. Drescher is a member of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and was on the committee that changed the Gender Identity Disorder diagnosis of DSM-IV TR to the Gender Dysphoria diagnosis of DSM-5. I asked for his thoughts on this exchange between Dacus and McReynolds. His response to those two paragraphs was “‘Confronting’ trans adolescents in a ‘very loving and compassionate way’ does not make their gender dysphoria go away.”

Brad Dacus: Right. So in other words, by doing this the school is actually complicating, compounding the disillusion — the dysphoria that they’re experiencing. They’re not helping, they’re actually making it worse.

In fact, [AB 1266], this new law, would not even consider the recommendations of a psychiatrist that may be treating this person. So if a psychiatrist says in a letter ‘Do not, do not under any circumstances, allow this boy to go into the girls restroom or locker room. I’m working with him on his gender identity disorder or dysphoria. Do not do that: that would be very counterproductive — could even be…induce depression and suicide.”

Under this law, Matt, they have to ignore that completely. The school has to completely ignore that. And, if the parents objected to it as well in writing, they’d have to ignore that as well under this law, right?

Another interjection by Dr. Drescher: “A diagnosis of gender dysphoria that appears in adolescence and has no other possible cause rarely goes away. So the hypothetical psychiatrist, if he made the GD diagnosis, and is trying to change the adolescent’s mind about their gender identity is either unfamiliar with the usual practice guidelines for treatment of adolescents or is an outlier mental health practitioner who is shooting from the hip based on some other belief system (which I presume is the religious belief system of the two individuals discussing the hypothetical).”

Matt McReynolds: Well yeah, it puts the students completely in the driver’s seat.

Brad Dacus: Right. And so that’s a serious, serious challenge to the rights of parents, to the rights of counselors, who really want to look after what’s best for these kids.

And, I think that as we look at this, we need to realize it’s about the kids. It’s about all the kids. Those that we don’t want to be traumatized, you know, who finally find themselves — with no invitation of their own, or with prior notice — find themselves, you know, naked and in the same locker room as the opposite sex, you know, we want to protect those kids.

But at the same time, we want to protect those kids who have these gender identity disorders from really getting worse and actually only complicating their issues and their depression, and potentially even suicide — which is something which can come from kids who don’t have the proper care and counseling who are dealing with these issues.

And here’s where Dr. Drescher made a comment to the scientific merit of Dacus’s and McReynolds’ points of view:

What these two seem to be saying is (1) boys will try to get into the girls’ locker room if you allow this and (2) the treatment of gender dysphoria is to wish it away.

#1 It’s not the intention of the law,

#2 [This] comes from the same mindset as “just say no” in treating drug problems or “abstinence education” as the only form of sex education — these are ideological approaches to complicated issues and unfortunately, none of these approaches, despite their appeals to “common sense,” have much scientific merit.

We know what Plan B is for what occurs if the AB 1266 referendum drive fails; we know were going to see what I consider “ambulance chasing” to support their agenda instead of responding to any real harm. We also know what their Plan B is for trans youth — reparative therapy. The kind of reparative therapy that is no longer a legal treatment schema for psychiatrists and psychologists in California and New Jersey.

In my mind, PJI’s Plan Bs are BS.