Jenifer Announces Her Run For Houston City Council

Photo: The Texas "can do" spirit!She’s been hard at work at it for several months, but yesterday Jenifer Rene Pool made it official and announced her candidacy for the Houston City Council At Large Position 3 seat on the steps of Houston City Hall.

And yeah, some blogger y’all know was there for the announcement a little after 3:30 PM CDT.  I wanted to be there to witness Houston and trans history.

If Jenifer is successful in this second run for a city council seat, we’ll not only get to see her sitting on the inside of our art deco city hall in one of those nice green leather chairs handling the city’s business, she would become the first open transperson in the city of Houston and the state of Texas to win public office.   She would also become the first trans person in the United States elected to the city council of a major US city over 1 million in population.

We’re 90 days out from the start of early voting, and Jenifer’s team is hitting the trail running because they are determined to make that history happen.

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