Indiana Inequality

ie.gif Like Steph Mineart, I recieved a letter from Indiana Equality (IE) asking for money. The following paragraph steamed my ass:

“In September of this year, State Senator Pat Miller proposed a bill that would have criminalized artificial insemination for unmarried women in Indiana. The purpose of this proposal was to deny all members of the LGBT community the fundamental right to have children. By taking swift action and working in conjunction with civil rights, child protection, and family rights organizations, Indiana Equality forced Senator Miller to withdraw her bill from consideration.

WHAT SWIFT ACTION? I wouldn’t call a press release, “swift action.” Should I send IE cash because they put out spiffy press releases? What “work” was done with other organizations? I seem to remember a group of people miller.gif that did take swift action, but they were from Rock Indiana Campaign for Equality.

You want my cash? Give me a reason to give… and stop taking credit where you deserve none.

(thanks to Steph for the heads up!)