Before You Vote No…

December 7, 2005 ·

I wrote the following e-mail to my (Indianapolis) city-county council member concerning the Human Rights Ordinance (Prop. 622).

A Transgender Lives In Beech Grove!

My name is Marti Abernathey. I am writing you concerning Prop. 622. I live in Willow Glen Apartments on 9th and Thompson. I’ve lived in your district almost all my life. I grew up at 3740 South Ewing. I am a graduate of Southport High School and I am a Cat Scan Technologist at St Francis Hospital in Beech Grove. I am a single parent of my son, Nik. He is a Freshman at Southport High School. I’m also transgendered.

Clinically, my therapist diagnosed me as “gender dysphoric” in 2001. The only accepted treatment for this condition (by the medical establishment) is full gender transition and surgery. I’m on track for sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) some time in 2008. Many ask me if i fear all the surgeries that lie ahead. Do I? No. But I do have fears.

I fear losing my job strictly because I am a transsexual. During my last evaluation my supervisor commented that she “never had a patient complaint about me” and that I gave my patients kind and compassionate care. I am a good employee and a compassionate care giver. She also commented that I am the person she calls “in an emergency.”

That being said, I could be fired tonight, without any question. Many of my transgender brothers and sisters have been fired for being transgendered (somewhere between 50% and 70%) but I cannot be one of those people. I have a 15 year old son, and a 9 year old daughter that depend on the money I bring in.

I know you voted no last time , but I just thought I’d inform you that you do have transgenders in your district and this does directly effect a constituent directly. If I can assist you in any way, please let me know.

Marti Abernathey

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