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Dear Jennifer Usher, Please Do Keep Your Focus On Me

in Autumn Sandeen/Blog Watch/Featured

[alert type=”info”]Jennifer Usher posted up on her blog a post entitled Slacktivists? ROTFLLMAO!!!!! as a response to my recent Transadvocate post Transsexual Separatist Slacktivism Doesn’t Win Legislatively. I haven’t made it a habit of responding to her, but I am doing so this time — and personally to her at that.[/alert] Jennifer, I know I’m…

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The Right Way To Be LGB Or T?

in Autumn Sandeen/Opinion

Back in 2009 I asked the the question if there were a right way to be LGB Or T. As I consider the personal difficulties of my past few years, especially those difficulties relating to community orthodoxies externally imposed on me by others, I find myself revisiting the idea behind my now four-year-old question. And…

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Gender Orientation: Intersex Conditions Within The Transsexual Brain

in Cristan Williams/Health/video

This is part of a lecture given on May 5, 2010 by Prof. Robert Sapolsky at Stanford University. Prof. Sapolsky reviews studies he feels make a compelling case for those who assert that transsexualism is actually a type of intersex condition. More on gender orientation Those interested in gender roles and the brain should read Cordelia…

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Tranny: An Evidence-Based Review

in Cristan Williams

“Tranny” seems to be a contentious term within the GLBT community. For many in the trans community, we’ve known “tranny” to be a term associated with the gay (specifically gay male) community; a term used by gay men to talk about the trans experiences in a pithy, ironic or comical way. The term is usually spelled one of two…

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A “Transsexual Versus Transgender” Intervention*

in Featured/Julia Serano

Over the last year or so, I have read a number of blog entries and Facebook rants about the so-called “transsexual versus transgender” issue. For those who are unaware of this debate, it stems from a subset of transsexuals who feel that the transsexual community is not served well by being included under the transgender…

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If You Dig Michfest, You’re NOT a Trans Ally

in Opinion

I recently had a discussion with a person with cisgender privledge about Michfest. I thought feminist/POC theory taught rather early on that a person who isn’t in the oppressed category doesn’t get to define if they are in fact, an ally. If you support Michfest, you’re NOT a Trans ally. This is what I said:…

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