HBS: Play Ground for Frauds, Bullies and Self-Loathing Transsexual-Transgender People and wannabee Transsexuals

Yesterday I posted a piece titled: Django Unchained: House Slaves Like Stephan and the “Girls” of HBS.

[pullquote]I’ve seen the damage of all the abuse and bullying play out across the various trans-communities. I’ve seen the suicides, I’ve seen the substance abuse.[/pullquote]I’ve gotten really sick of these bullies claiming some sort of right to decide who is or isn’t transsexual based on some sort of purity test that they, themselves would likely fail.

I first came on line in the summer of 1996, back in the days of search engines like Alta Vista and the Usenet/News Groups.

It was kind of a free for all and I joined in.  After a few months, the deliberate cruelty on the part of too many participants drove me away.  I was being drawn into the same sort of behavior.

One thing I noticed even then was how many of the people engaging in this sort of viciousness hid behind aliases and created sycophant sock-puppets, evil trolls to do their dirty work.

Having this happen in a community where there are way too many people who have suffered from abuse and bullying seemed totally fucked up.

I’ve seen the damage of all the abuse and bullying play out across the various trans-communities.  I’ve seen the suicides, I’ve seen the substance abuse.

I’m still alive because I stopped doing drugs back when Reagan was President and they stepped up the War on Drugs.  I was never into the prescription drug abuse so many of my friends were.

Now I’m still here while most of my friends from the 1970s are dead, their deaths brought on by the years of drug abuse.

I fought my own battles with the bottle and haven’t had a drink in over a dozen years.  People now ask me for advice on getting sober.

Along the line I took stock.  Figured out the abuse of people for being transsexual/transgender had to stop.[pullquote align=”right”]Time is not on the side of the HBS bigots and trolls.[/pullquote]

It was bad enough coming from the Christo-Fascists and Neo-Nazi right wing not to mention the Rad Fems.

Too have the gaggle of wannabees, virtual reality TS/TG KKK dancing around behind masks spewing hate is really disgusting.

They preach to their own circle and are surprised when their sock-puppets aren’t allowed to post.

They scream censorship while having their blogs as platforms to spew hatred from.

To Jennifer Usher’s credit she doesn’t hide behind a mask to spew her hatred and bigotry.  Others do.  Andrea James hunted down a bunch of the fakes including Kiira Tirea and Cheryl Chase at one point. Back by popular demand: internet fakes

Many of us were raised with a burden of guilt and shame regarding being TS/TG.  This leads to self-hatred.

Much of homophobia comes from people who are closet case gay men and lesbians.  So too for the virulent hatred spewed by the HBS faction of TG/TS people.

I’ve seen photographs of a number of them.  Andrea James has exposed others. Most seem to have rather sad isolated lives and are lashing out at people who are having more successful lives than they are.

Oddly enough the more they spew, the more elaborate their fantasy lives the easier they are to see through.

Time is not on their side.

There are too many bright, talented and together TS/TG men and women along with some marvelously eccentric and transgressive TS/TG folks out there who are actively organizing for their right to have lives of equality and dignity.

Time is not on the side of the HBS bigots and trolls.  Even a place like Idaho, home to all sorts of strange survivalists and right wing kooks has amended their policy on issuing gender congruent driver’s licenses and ID cards.  See: Idaho Amends Policy for Changing Gender Marker on Driver’s Licenses

Perhaps the HBS holes will someday learn some self acceptance and stop projecting their internalized pathologies onto others.

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