GLAAD About Hate Speech

In my March 26th post “Just Wondering…“, I asked where the outrage was concerning Michael Savage’s recent tirade against transgender people. I checked the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) website to see if they’d issued any kind of statement concerning Savage’s assault on the transgender community. Finding none, I contacted the only transgender contact at GLAAD that I knew of, Andy Marra (She’s also on the board of NCTE, GLSEN (NYC), and NYAGRA, but you might recognize her from her recent appearance on the ABC soap, All My Children). I explained my concern and asked if GLAAD had a response to this verbal tirade. She said that she would look into it and get back to me. Late Friday afternoon I received the following statement from GLAAD’s national news director, Cindi Creager:

“This is the kind of grotesque vulgarity that got Savage fired from MSNBC and why you never see him on any credible news outlet. Savage is a fringe extremist whose behavior continues to validate the mainstream news media’s wisdom in shunning him.”


Is that all?! No press release, protest, call to action, or any other kind of campaign? Again, let’s recap:

COULTER: “I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards, but it turns out that you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot,’ so I’m – so, kind of at an impasse, can’t really talk about Edwards, so I think I’ll just conclude here and take your questions”


SAVAGE: “The wages of sin are death. You’re gonna cut off your willy, you’re gonna walk around in women’s clothes, you’re gonna hook — you’re gonna wind up dead under a freeway, Johnson. It’s not gonna be an HBO special about your travails, and how surgery made you a happy woman.

I never understand these people. Guy is 55 years old, he had three children, he discovers there was a woman within, and he goes — shots and hormones, three years of hormones, and live like a woman. And then you gotta dress like a woman for two years. And then they go to a psychopathic, sadistic doctor who does the thing for them. No more in Denmark — I mean, the capital of it is somewhere in Colorado, of course, near Columbine. You wonder why the kids shoot each other there with black raincoats. But that’s the sex change capital of the world — in America, rather — is somewhere in Colorado; they cut off the willies and they put on the willies, depending on whether you’re a Johnny or a Jane.”

And apparently it costs more to put a willy on than it does to take a willy off. I’ve always said if a city’s gonna pay for this kind of insane self-mutilation, the least they could do is put a willy on ice. I mean, if they’re taking a perfectly good willy off a guy, why throw it in the garbage? Put it on ice, save it for the next time one of these psycho women in the city wants to be willied, I mean wants to be a John when she’s a Jane. Because it costs like 40 grand to put one on and 20 grand to take one off. I would say you can do a mean price of 30 grand if they could start saving the willies from these psychos. But that’s a separate story. I’m into cost saving at all costs.”

SAVAGE: “And then they go into “she said transgender victims” going on and on “extremely violent” going on and on “are frequently left partially clothed or completely nude, it’s making a statement and humiliating the victim,” blah-blah-blah. I am so beyond fed up with freaks. I live in freak city. You know, I don’t mind freaks. I used to go to Ringling Brothers when I was a little kid, and the freak show was my favorite part of the circus. I didn’t go there to mock them. I liked to see the one-breasted man. I liked to see the mustached woman. But when I wake up as an adult and I find out that they’re actually all Democrats today, passing themselves off as normal, I’m sorry, someone’s gotta say this is a freak show, time out. And what’s this sympathy, constant sympathy for sexually confused people? Why should we have constant sympathy for people who are freaks in every society? I didn’t say hurt the freaks. I didn’t say do anything to the freaks.

But you know what? You’re never gonna make me respect the freak. I don’t want to respect the freak. The freak ought to be glad that they’re allowed to walk around without begging for something. You know, I’m sick and tired of the whole country begging, bending over backwards for the junkie, the freak, the pervert, the illegal immigrant. All of them are better than everybody else. Sick. Everything is upside down.”

SAVAGE: “So the country is founded on the principles of Christianity. A couple of hundred years later, where are we living? So-called post-Christian times. The churches are emptying out, the bathhouses are filling up, the sex-change operations are speeding up, the lesbian fertility clinics are increasing around the country. And the country is on the verge of an insane breakdown.

And enter this picture, entering this picture are devout Muslims, not only in America but around the world, many of whom, most of whom today are not fanatic, by the way. I have no doubt they would become fanatic if they smelled a chance to get away with it. I’ll put that in context another time. If they could, they would impose their religion on everybody else, because that’s a tenet of their religion. It is a fundamental tenet of Islam to convert everybody around them whether they want it or not. OK? But right now everyone is acting, you know, like good Americans. They’re just minding their own business, the majority of them. And the others are watching over their shoulder for the FBI and the other intelligence agencies, as they should, because the FBI is doing a darn good job of keeping them in line, to be very frank. You know, just lay it on the line. They’re keeping the would-be bombers on their toes, let’s put it to you that way. All right? And that’s good.

Now, you come to a point where the spiritual vacuum has emerged in the United States of America. Enter the vacuum are very religious Muslims. They don’t like the stuff that I don’t like, frankly. The very same things that offend me, offend them. That’s the strangest part of it. As they do offend — for example, the city manager cutting his schmekel off to become a woman. To me it’s disgusting; the doctor should be arrested, their licenses taken away, they should be given 10 years in prison for what they’re doing to these poor mental cases. I mean these head cases who suddenly say, “Oh, I want to be a woman, all my life, there was a woman within –” this is a mass psychosis that’s going on now in America: “Oh, God, you’re so wonderful, Steve, for becoming Clara. Oh, you’re such an advanced, progressive human being. Isn’t that wonderful.”

“It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that God wants radical Islam on this planet at this time — that it’s not actually the scourge you think it is. What it is — it’s a counterpoint to the Romanization of the United States of America and the West. The collapse — the spiritual collapse of the West, the death of the West in that regard, is being countered by the birth of fanatic religion, which is fundamentally a fanatic love of God, when you think about it.”

“And God, who is the center of this monotheistic religion, has said, “Oh, you don’t worship me anymore? Oh, you don’t like me anymore? Oh, I don’t exist anymore? Really? All right, I’m going to show you boys in Hollywood and you girls in New York City that I do exist. But since you’re very hard-headed, stiff-necked people, and you don’t really believe that I exist because you’ve gotten away with everything you’ve done all your life without any repercussions, I’m going to show you I exist in a way that you can’t believe. “Down came the World Trade Center towers. That was God speaking.”

GLAAD’s response to Coulter? For her slur she recieved a  press release and media campaign scream across their front page. Their comment to this blog hasn’t even found it’s way to their website, much less an all out media campaign or even a press release.

To say I’m frustrated at their response is an understatement. But rather than just complain, I’ve purchased Stop and Boycott and plan on developing them into an information clearinghouse on the sponsors of the Michael Savage show. But I can’t do this alone. I need a lot of help on this project. I’m asking anyone who’s reading this feels angry and frustrated at his hateful tirades to donate your time and talents in helping to develop the website/campaign. Time, talent, or donations are all welcomed and encouraged. No action is too small, even if it’s just listening to his show to report who’s advertising on his show.

To help develop the sites, email me.

To contact GLAAD:
Andy Marra
Cheryl Creager