Be Good or You WILL BE Degraded, TRANNY!

Sometimes the intersection of two seemingly unconnected stories come together to show how little respect for trans people there is and how transition/surgery are treated as luxuries, not medically necessary.

Many people will argue that transgender prisoners do not “deserve” treatment for GID in prison.  That argument is based on the thought that transition is a luxury and not medically needed.

Some media outlets may think that they only have to follow the AP stylebook when they address transgender people in a good or neutral light.  The Philadelphia Inquirer recently posted this:

“A Southwest Philadelphia man who police say is a transgender prostitute was ordered Tuesday to stand trial on murder and arson charges in the Oct. 30 death of a man at the Omni Hotel in Old City.”

Apparently it’s appropriate to punish misbehaving trans people with inhumane treatment when they do wrong. That’s exactly what’s both actions suggest. That trans people only deserve human dignity/humane health care when they are good. At least that’s what I’m hearing….