Back In H-town From #LGBTMedia14

March 6, 2014 ·

By Monica Roberts


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After another exciting weekend and destroying some Pappas barbecue to celebrate my safe airborne arrival at Hobby, I’m back from my trip inside the beltway for the 2014 edition of the LGBT Media Journalists Convening. 

So what were my takeaways from this trip?

  • That elements of the community have a serious beef with GLAAD on multiple layers
  • We DEFINITELY need to have deep, ongoing discussions concerning race and class issues in the TBLG community, and non-white LGBT people need to be leading it.
  • There needs to be more discussion about bi issues.
  • Trans issues are at critical mass, but we also need to have those discussions about various issues in the SGL community.
  • The discussions around HIV need to happen again.
  • We need to have the discussion about why senior leadership in GLBT non-profit complex leadership organizations look like the GOP ranks, and come up with a plan to fix it.
  • I have a lot of people in LGBT Media World reading TransGriot (and I thank you for that).
  • The #LGBTMedia14 hashtag must have been trending because out came the trolls, including the 2014 SUF Lifetime Achievement Award winner the Bug.
  • I get as much love in Black SGL, bi and trans circles as I give to them.
  • I’m getting increasing love from ‘errbody’ else because I fight for everybody’s human rights.
  • A TBLG sports conversation needs to happen.
  • A BTLG religion panel needs to happen
  • Dan Savage is still reviled by the other letters of the community.

I arrived back home exhausted, but energized and excited to see how this year in LGBT media develops.   I know I’ll have an important role to play in shaping how that happens.


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