All’s Sans Daylight on the Exterminationist Frontier

One Sunday morning reading selection:

The term Transgender is an umbrella term coined by transgender activists to describe the following individuals: heterosexual cross-dressers; homosexual transvestites or drag queens; and transsexuals (individuals undergoing so-called sex change operations) and she-males.

Some of these individuals live their lives as she-males with both female and male sexual characteristics. These are deeply troubled individuals who need professional help, not societal approval or affirmation.

And another Sunday morning reading selection:

If we listen to transgender people we will hear that they feel victimized.

And another Sunday morning reading selection:

Media Is Aiding Transgender Movement

Hollywood and the liberal media are doing their part to normalize this serious mental illness. In 2001, for example, the Los Angeles Times published “Era of the Gender Crosser,” that portrayed transgendered individuals as a misunderstood and persecuted minority.

And, another Sunday morning reading selection:

The National Center for Transgender Equality is set to roll out their National Transgender Discrimination Survey Report tomorrow, with all the media fanfare they can muster. Titled “Injustice At Every Turn” the survey of 6,500 trans people tracks the feelings of transgender people and whether they feel discriminated against in areas of healthcare and plastic surgery access, workplace discrimination, public treatment, family approval, ability to obtain fictional legal sex markers, discrimination of criminals being jailed with those of their own sex, etc. The NCTE put out a call months ago for amateur trans activists who can present sympathetic anecdotes of their victimization that the public will easily empathize with. But they’re really doing trans people no favors.

And another Sunday morning reading selection:

Government sponsored fiction in legal sex markers is discriminatory against trans people. It forces them into situations where they are discriminated against by scientific fact. It invisibilizes them and denies the reality of their very physiology. It renders them statistically non-existent. It causes discrimination.

It’s time for our government institutions to put an end to this victimization of transgender people by eliminating fictional legal gender markers. Contact your Senators and Representatives today and tell them it’s time to put an end to legalized Fictional Gender Markers.

And another Sunday morning reading selection:

The reality is that no person can actually change into a different sex. Maleness and femaleness are in the DNA and are unchangeable. A man who has his sex organ removed and takes hormone treatments to grow female breasts is still genetically a male. He is simply a mutilated man, not a woman. This fiction, however, is being perpetrated by a perverted sexual ideology—not by biological facts or science.

Now, your mission – should you decide to accept it (and why wouldn’t you?) – is (1) to guess which ones are the product of anti-constitutionist christianist psychopaths and which ones are the product of the latest round of Raymond-Daly-Greer-Chiland-Vincent-AROOO-Dirt-ism, and (2) to reflect deeply and ask yourself whether, at the core, there is really any daylight between those two forms of trans-exterminationism.

With porn, it was:

With the reality of trans people, why not:

After all…

I’ve never seen Andrea Lafferty and ‘Dirt’ in the same room at the same time…

Have you?

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