Words Mean Things: You’ve Been Transgendered!

When I hear “This is my friend _____ , she’s transgendered”, I cringe. It may seem innocuous, but using the word “transgendered” indicates that being transgender is something you have done to you. Imagine someone saying “this is my friend Andy, he’s gayed” or “this is my best friend Betty,  she’s lesbianed.” Like being gay and lesbian, being transgender isn’t something that you have done to you, it’s part of who you are. I’m proud to be of Irish, Scot, German, and native American descent. But I’d never say I’m “Irished and Proud.”

But don’t feel bad, even folks at the National Center for Trangender Equality have made the same mistake:


If you make the mistake it’s not too big of a deal, but please try and remember to say transgender? There’s a rumor that if you say “transgendered” too many times, the transgender fairy will visit you in the night and transgender you! It’s just a rumor, but better safe than sorry. 😉