What’s More Unfair?

When a middle school teacher leaves for the summer as he and plans to return as she, is it unfair to students? More or less unfair than it would be to re-assign the teacher?

Ms. McCaffrey is the teacher I’m speaking of. She’s been teaching for twelve years and had her surgery in February, after which she returned to school in a jacket and tie to not cause a commotion.

McCaffrey has chosen to wait for the summer to share the news of her surgery with students and parents so they may have more time to come to terms with everything.

As for whether or not she will be re-assigned in September, Janie Edmunds, the district’s superintendent of schools, would not comment.

The one thing I’m sure of: Ms. McCaffrey shouldn’t have to wait and wonder. Schools need to take a stance on trans issues and be clear, during the hiring process, about what will happen when a teacher or any employee transitions.

Should you hear any updated news, please share it with us!