Transphobe Alex Jones Seems to Watch Trans Porn

Alex Jones, recently banned from various platforms such as Facebook and YouTube for, in part, his dehumanization of trans people, accidentally revealed that he watches trans porn on his phone. In a recent commercial for his various health aids, Jones unexpectedly shows the camera the open tabs on his iPhone. At the 00:37 mark, Jones reveals that he was watching a porn video titled, Naughty Tbabe Marissa.


Jones now joins the never-ending ranks of right-wing homophobes and transphobes who are eventually outed as hypocrites who turned their repressions into careers of projection and self-recrimination.

Jones has a long history of transphobia and homophobia, including describing the existence of trans people as a prelude to having chips implanted in his viewer’s brains. Likewise, he told his viewers that drag queens reading books to children prove that “globalists” are waging war on the biology of humans.

Watch the video here:

HT: Koomah 

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