TransAdvocate UK: Media hysteria about trans people

Updates from the UK division of the Trans Advocate:


The Conservative government came out this week calling for a consultation on how to best reform the Gender Recognition Act, or G.R.A. of 2004.

This comes at a time when the “debate” over trans rights in the UK is front and center in the TERF friendly UK press. The transphobic rhetoric centers over access to, quote, “women’s only spaces” end quote. However, the GRA does not even deal with public accommodation. Public accommodations for trans people was determined in the Equality Act of 2010, which is not up for reform or debate. To be clear, while the GRA has absolutely nothing to do with public accommodations for trans people, most of the concern trolling happening in the media concerning the GRA has to do with public accommodations for trans people.

The GRA allows a trans person to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate, that allows transgender people to have their change of gender recognized on legal documents like drivers licenses.

Suggested reforms include “self-identification” of gender. Essentially this would do away with an antiquated and burdensome Gender Recognition Panel, and replace it with a statutory declaration. The so-called “self-identification” standard that has the UK press in knots is already in place in Malta, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, and Belgium.