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Podcast: Unboxing Trans History & Right Wing Rapists

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We have the largest trans archive still in the community’s hands and we share with you some of the recent acquisitions from the last couple of weeks. This invariably wraps back around to current political narratives about trans people and we notice that anti-trans politicians seem to have a few skellies in their own closets!…

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Moving trans* history forward symposium

in Dallas Denny/History

Left to Right: Ariadne Kane, Viviane Namaste, Susan Styker. Photo by Dr. Aaron Devor.   You can never go wrong when you hang out with Ms. Bob Davis. Seriously. Ms. Bob is professor at City College of San Francisco and a serious collector of trans literature. She’s a multi-talented woman, with two of those talents…

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Phyllis Frye: Lifetime Achievement Award

in Cristan Williams/History

America’s first out trans judge Phyllis Frye (she was the first out trans judge to be sworn in, in America) just recently won the Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was given at the Transgender Foundation of America‘s 21st annual Transgender Unity Banquet. Check out her moving acceptance speech: What follows is a post that I made after…

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Phyllis Frye Grandmother of the Trans Community

in Cristan Williams

Over the last 24 hours, I’ve spent about 12 of them scanning Phyllis Frye’s 1970s trans documents. I don’t know that I can even put into words how those documents affected me. Most of us don’t know that we all owe Phyllis a debt of gratitude. 1973: Teaching transgender law before there was such a thing In…

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Am I A Liar?

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Remembering Tom Lantos

in Politics

“Love cannot be defeated.” as said to rock vocalist, Bono by Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) The political group I belong to – the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC) – noted the passing of longtime Rep. Tom Lantos in a press release on Monday from complications due to esophageal cancer. Chances are, most of the transgender…

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