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Ask Matt: On Looking Male

May 2, 2013 ·

Today we have a couple of letter related to “male” appearance and expression. I now turn it over to the writers. A reader writes: “I was looking back on an old post where you stated trans guys all ‘pass’ after x amount of time on testosterone. “I have now been on T seven years. I have changed my documentation. I have a baritone voice. I still occasionally get read as female. This seems to occur more when I am in… Read more.

Media Using Children For Profit: Gender Change, Not Sex Change Kids

October 20, 2009 ·

Every time I see a story about "USA: 8-year-old child sex change",  "8-year-old boy has 'sex change', or Boy, 8, has ’sex change’, that is Unbelievable!,  it sickens me. Not because of the children, but because of the media. These children are transgender, not transsexual. They are simply being allowed to self  identify, without any surgery or hormones. Trans-children won't need hormones blockers until the onset of puberty (which happens in a range from 10-18 years old), and generally don't… Read more.