Queerty Racism And Transphobia On Display Again

March 8, 2012 ·

There’s no love lost between me and Queertyas many of you longtime readers are aware of.  I’ve written more than a few times about the failures Queerty regularly gets into when it comes to race and trans people.It seems this rainbow themed site never fails to take the low road when it concerns the way transpeople are covered, the transphobia that is unleashed in its comment threads, the racism it sinks to or with gleefully wallowing in white gay male vanillacentric privilege .

But this was the latest classless move by this site that was revived from the dead in 2011 when it disrespectfully penned the headline in its take on the Daily Mail story about Evie, President Obama’s Indonesian trans nanny.

Queerty referred to Evie in its headline about the story as “a tranny ho’

Seriously Queerty?  Your pink sheets are showing again.   And don’t forget the pointed hood.

How apoplectic would you be if a trans themed publication aimed a word you consider a slur to your community at you and your readership?  Umm, never mind, we already know the answer to that question.

Queerty and other stops in the Gayosphere, this transphobia in gay circles is really getting old.

This time you got a two-fer in terms of letting your transphobia and racism shine through in your headline aimed at Evie.

As Evie’s story points out, transpeople are part of the diverse mosaic of human life and we are intertwined with it to the point in which we not only make history, a transperson was the nanny for the future president of the United States.

Evie’s story also reminds us of where we don’t want to go in the international trans community of being unhappily forced to perform and live a gender role we don’t feel comfortable with.

The discrimination and transphobia aimed at my Indonesian transsisters is no joke, and only someone wallowing in vanillacentric privilege would see it that way.

You Queerty peeps and your like minded acolytes may think being trans is a joke or we don’t belong in ‘your GL community’,  but if you define your community as having the same whiteness and vanillacentric ‘special right’ to other, discriminate and harass people as cis straight people do without being called on it, that’s a community I don’t want to be a part of.

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