PLEASE! ‘Come For’ Us!

January 20, 2013 ·

There’s a laughably pathetic piece of nonsense making the rounds right now – emanating from one of the usual pits of transexterminationistic insanity.  I have no intention of linking to it, but this is the beginning of it:

First they came for Janice Raymond
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an academic.

One doesn’t really need to be an expert on the Holocaust (or even Godwin’s Law for that matter) to see where its headed, but the supporting cast includes Mary Daly, Norah Vincent and the usual professional martyr lot (including the newest inductees.)

The Onion would be proud.

Martin Niemöller?  Not so much.

[pullquote] Was her academic career ever impeded in any way, shape or form by her espousement of transexterminationism? Far To the contrary from what I’ve been able to see; when last I checked she profited from it handsomely and is still doing so. [/pullquote] I’m not sure what is more hilarious – the Napoleon/Bokassa-esque group-self-crowning into the Empire O’ Martyrdom that bugvomit (or whoever  is engaging in the desecration of Niemöller’s memory – not to mention the memory of six million Jews – under the sad nom de transphobique “An Anonymous Woman” (actually named “Vic”perhaps?)) OR, given that bugvomit is involved, the usual level of factual inaccuracy, here re: Raymond (whereas usually the subject is Maryland state sex discrimination law.)

All of it, of course, begs the question: Who ever ‘came for’ Raymond?

Its a legitimate question.


Was she imprisoned?  Even for a second?  Was her academic career ever impeded in any way, shape or form by her espousement of transexterminationism? Far To the contrary from what I’ve been able to see; when last I checked she profited from it handsomely and is still doing so. Her exterminationistic dissertation got her a faculty position (that I will bet everything I’ve ever owned or will own that she did not have to compete against any trans person for), a book deal to disseminate the transexterminationism, legitimization both in the form of being allowed (apparently without any opposing viewspoints) to present a de-dyked version of her transexterminationism to organs of the federal government and having the non-de-dyked book version still appear as valid source material in feminist studies classes, tenure, a second printing of the transexterminationism in its book form, absolutely no criticism whatsoever from Gay, Inc., and now a cushy retirement.  (Daly?  Sorry – but none of her troubles emanated from her preaching of transexterminationism.  Vincent?  What troubles has she ever had?)

We need jobs!

We need a book deals!

We need paid punditry positions!

We need tenured faculty positions!

(First, of course, we just need to be non-discriminatorily considered for all of the above, but I digress!)

Please, I’m begging: ‘Come for’ us! 

All of us!

I’ll even supply the onion(s)!

[alert type=”info”]Cross-posted from ENDA Blog 2.0[/alert] [highlight]Ed Note:[/highlight] It’s interesting to see TERFs use the exact hyperbole that Glen Beck is infamous for. If you need a primer on what Kat is talking about when she talks about transexterminationism, here it is.

TL;DR: The following quote is from a RadFem leader. Her view sums up the hardship they’ve inflicted upon the trans community. Oh, and please never forget Filisa Vistima.

… their arrogance and oppressiveness is amazing. It is funny though that they are so used to Feminists immediately bowing before them that they don’t know how to deal with that we don’t care what happens to them. They expect we’ll be shocked to see statistics about them being killed, and don’t realize, some of us wish they would ALL be dead. – BevJo, RadFem leader

Ed Note: Every time I hear someone use the “first they came for…” line when they decide they want to prove Godwin’s Law, I can’t help but recall this Lewis Black gem:

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