Passive? Or Active?

January 23, 2011 ·

The foot?

Or the ball?

Whilst pimping the Joe Fudgepacker Dan Davage pimping of the manufactured gay marriage agenda, The John declareth:

The community is quickly propelling towards marriage….


“is propelling” is an active-voice verb word combo.

“is being propelled” is a passive-voice verb word combo.

One is accurate – and it is not the one employed her by The John.

Whether the Democrats like it or not, the gay community has its eyes set on marriage…

Whether people such as Joe Fudgepacker and The John like it or not, some of us know that eyes being set on that will ultimately yield the same result as eyes remaining open during a certain climactic scene in the first Raiders of the Lost Ark movie.

150 years ago, slave ownership was the rich man’s lifestyle that the poor populace of the South was coreced into marching off to war to defend.

Now, gay marriage is the rich gays’ desire that working-class LGBTs are being coerced into foregoing our essential economic civil rights needs for.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn about the desires of rich white gay guys and obscenely rich lesbians who wouldn’t know real, life-stifling discrimination if it shit in their caviar but who expect the same people who were expected to – after being immorally removed from ENDA in 2007 – uncritically accept the majestic design of ‘incremental progress’ because the America that had been recognizing change of sex for over 50 years somehow just wasn’t ready for trans-anything to stand silently by and not in any way suggest that maybe some ‘incremental progress’ is in order for the stuff that rich white gay guys and obscenely rich lesbians want.

I do, however, give a damn about the ginned-up ‘overwhelming desire’ for gay marriage to take precedence over working-class LGBT civil rights needs – and I don’t plan on shutting up about it.

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